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Buyer cannot place order, gets message the order cant be placed 😱 SOLVED!

Does anyone else get this? It’s on custom orders sent. Also on all orders too. They are not able to make the payment.

cant order


Client has tried multiple times.

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There might be an issue with Fiverr’s payment system. Tell him to try a bit later if possible. Hopefully it’s solved soon and you can get the order done. Good luck!



Maybe it’s an issue with their bank. It might seem like a suspicious purchase for that particular buyer and the bank wants to verify it’s really them first.

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She was so excited too. :neutral_face:

She has reviews as a buyer. I think it’s a bug. She wouldn’t keep trying multiple times if the problem was with her payment.

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Oops! I think it has not come from the buyer point of view.

I’m having the same issue since friday, can’t place an order, I tried 3 different CC’s.

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Have you ever cancelled any orders? Or had problems before like this?

I have a buyer that often faces this issue. Usually goes away on its own the next day. She probably shouldn’t try too many times in a short time span in case all those orders suddenly go through.


I have read couple of posts where buyer placed order and money was deducted but order was never placed , its seems like there is some ongoing issue with fiverr’s payment system !

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no never, first time using fiverr, and maybe the last

So far the poor lady is still waiting and trying to pay for an order with me… I told her to contact support.

Hey @misscrystal, it’s been a while and I hope things have been on the up for you.

This happens to some of my clients every now and then. It mostly happens when either a bank’s network system is down which happens more often than people talk about it or if Fiverr’s payment processing system is having a “moment”. Either way, asking them to try in a couple of minutes always works out.

She has been trying for about 12 hours.

Have other buyers managed to make an order in the meantime? Try asking her to use incognito mode if she’s using Chrome.

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I have been having issue submitting payment for orders since last week

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Screenshot (6)

Here is my custom proposal, but I haven’t received the order yet, I don’t know if the problem is going on.

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Just an update. My client finally was able to place an order by opening a paypal account. She says CS told her to try that and it worked.


This happened to me last night!! I tried paying my seller 2x and payment went through with my credit card (did NOT pay with Paypal). However, Fiverr never recognized those payments and the order is still waiting for me to pay. I called my bank and they gave me the authorization #s so I sent Fiverr all the details & proof seller didn’t receive money.

Fiverr’s payment issue seems to have problems since many years ago!! By the way, do you know how long it take Fiverr to respond to a ticket?

If anyone is experiencing this, please drop me a reply here.