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Buyer can't agree modification

Hi, all… I am proivded typing service. One of client given an orderr of about 500 pages and agreed to pay only after counting of retyped page. I had temporary created a custom offer for him. but after the retyping, the pages more than the pages which I have given in temporary custom offer. Some more amount should be paid from buyer. But he can’t agree???
What Can I do. Is there are solution to contact customer support directly…
any advise…???

yes, you should bring this issue to customer support! they will definitely help

If you agreed to a thing and didn’t check the work first, it is probably too late to complain after you have finished the work.

You need to assess the work before you agree to contracts or you will have people send you many times the agreed work and you won’t know until it is too late.

Also I am assuming that you quote stupid low pricing. This attracts only stupid buyers who will seek to abuse you.

You can send a request to cover the extra work but I bet the “buyer” will decline seeing you accepted this in the first place.

I would say finish the job, hope for a decent review and don’t work for these sorts of people again - after you have learned to check the work before making agreements. you can’t expect a customer to be professional if you are not yourself.

I would also advise you to work big-time on your English as it is terrible and that will constantly lead to dramas with people who cannot understand you (and I assume you cannot understand them). Your post is almost unreadable and even so I probably have half of it wrong.


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Thanks for your advise…