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Buyer can't mark the job completed or submit the review


This is what they told
"I have clicked complete order multiple times and reviewed multiple times but it’s not going through"

Please fix this, Same thing happen to more than 4 customers of mine.

Thank You!!

Contact with your buyer and request for feedback if he was 100% satisfy.

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Not quite sure what this means, but if means what I think it means, then please don’t do it!

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If it’s happening multiple times, I would suggest you contact Customer Services - good luck!

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That sounds like spamming and a ToS violation.


Hi! Something like this has recently happen to me too, but from a seller’s point of view: I was trying to leave a review to a buyer (in response to his one) but it just didn’t get through.

Solution: I refreshed the pages several times and finally I could send the review.
I hope it works also for you!


Don’t know what it is some customers can some can’t. :grin: