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Buyer can't order gig!


I am fairly new here and had a long pause from Fiverr due to my last semester of university. I have this gig which was ordered before and finished the task and so, but now this buyer can’t find the “proceed to order” button! what’s wrong with it? my other gigs are fine and buyers can see that button and order, but not this one! I need advice because this work is urgent. here is the gig[]


I can see it! (20 letters)



I just looked at…


The proceed to order button is missing. :thinking:


@vickiespencer now I am more confused…

@nikavoice is it missing from both gigs?


Me, I see the button on both gigs that Nika linked. Perhaps ask your buyer for a screenshot showing that the button is missing if you´re comfortable asking that and send it to Customer Support.


I see the button on the convert 9 documents but it is almost at the bottom of the page. Button is missing from android app testing.



So, I took a look again (Chrome) incognito.

The Convert 9 docs gig the proceed button is at the bottom as opposed to the right of the screen.


For the other gig, I took a screenie, the button is nowhere to be found. :beetle:
It appears Fiverr is undergoing a makeover.

Show the screenie to CS to get their thoughts on the matter.


okay, thank you guys for your concern. I took the problem to CS and I hope they fix it soon.


I just looked at both gigs and both have the proceed to order buttons there on the top right of the page.