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Buyer Can't Order Large Multiples

Not really sure where to put this, but I just had an interesting experience with a buyer. He asked me for my services and wanted to order. Of course, he can’t find my most popular gig because Fiverr has deemed it no longer worthy on the first three pages of its results (not really griping about this, as it gives me more time to spend with my family but is a bit annoying since the start of June).

What I find aggravating is that the buyer told me he couldn’t order more than 5. Not sure if it’s something wrong with my gig or the fact it’s so much lower - or if it’s on his end.

What do y’all make of this?


I think, There was no problem with your gig. May be the problem was in the buyer side.

If you press continue button on your gig, it’ll get you to the package customization page and you’ll be able to view the quantity parameter available for your gig. I wonder if it’s 1-5. If not, it’s something on the buyer’s side.

OR fiverr considers 5+ quantity suspicious for which I am personally grateful for. The fact that I can’t set this parameter up myself and should technically be okay with doing 1-20 (!!) projects in 48 hours is ridiculous and a catastrophe waiting to happen.


Yes, I’d very much welcome a limit on the gig multiples at least if we already can’t set them ourselves. I simply can’t translate 12578 words or whatever within 24 hours, no matter if the buyer pays for them or not. No idea why still the delivery time stays the same, no matter how many multiples one orders.

Perhaps they are working on that finally, I’d be really happy, I could structure my gigs differently then, wouldn’t need to observe my “allowed orders in queue” all the time then, etc., not to mention the peace of mind.

A buyer once told me that, in theory, he’d be able to order … I forgot, it was a number over 100 multiples, he said then he gave up trying how far up he could go … :upside_down_face:


I got 3x extra fast delivery ordered last week. I thankfully managed to get it done but I asked the buyer what gave him the idea I can just do 300% of work in 50% of time and he said there was an 1-20 option and he assumed I set it up myself and was fine with it.

If the site gives certain options to pick it’s reasonable to assume I as a seller am fine with all of them. I mean, there is nothing I can do to convince buyers otherwise. I’m sort of contradicting the site UX when I do that.


Because, if it multiplied, it could easily go over 30 days?

Then the counter would need to consider that and stop at however many multiples could be delivered within those 30 days.

They did change it for VO months ago, by the way.


Hi @emeraldawnn, is that perhaps a gig that doesn’t use the 3 tiers (basic, standard premium)? I’ve only had gigs that use those but recently decided to edit one gig to only have 1 tier and just noticed that when I look at that gig, I can indeed only pick up to 5 multiples.

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Yes… I don’t use tiers… Perhaps that’s why…

I don’t like the tier system as I don’t feel it works for me.

Ah good, that explains that then. In that case, if for your use case it’s actually aggravating that buyers can’t order more than 5 multiples, you could try switching to a 3-tier-setup, at least for as long as Fiverr won’t fix the issue most of us seem to have with buyers being able to order as many multiples as they want lol.

But yes, depends on the gig, for most of my gigs, the 3 tier system is okay but for that one I thought I’d try the 1 tier system, it’s probably easier for buyers to not get confused about the different tiers, too, so it has its merits.
And knowing that one can only order 5 multiples on those 1 tier gigs, I might reconsider and change some other gigs to 1 tier too, I’ll have to think that through.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

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