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Buyer can't purchase my gig?

Hello everyone!

I have been in contact with a buyer that is wanting to purchase my proofreading gig.

The buyer inputted his credit card information but the purchase is unable to go through. He then proceeded to try another credit card and his paypal but was still unsuccessful.

I asked my roommate to see if he can purchase my gig with his card and he was unable to purchase it.

Does anyone know what is causing this problem? Is it my gig, the buyer, fiverr, etc.?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is either a technical issue on Fiverr’s side, or it can be a technical issue with the payment processor (i.e. paypal).

I suggest either contacting Fiverr’s Customer Support, or your payment processor’s support team.

So the problem is not your buyer, as your roommate tried it and didn’t work either :wink:

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Could it be an issue with my gig or my account?

I highly doubt that since I’ve never heard in 7 years of individual gigs or accounts being the cause of transaction issues.

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I made several purchases today and all went through just fine for me.

I don’t know where your buyer’s are located, but I’m in USA.

Contact Fiverr CS Quickly

I’ll contact customer support immediately. Thank you all for your input.

@gina_riley2 I am also from the U.S. and so is my buyer, so this is unusual.

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any update? this is happening to me

Brother can you tell me how you solved this problem. I have got the same problem same as you.
Kindly tell me the solution.