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Buyer cant see my buy gig button

I got a buyer saying they tried to buy one of my gigs but could not get the buy button, i asked them to take a screenshot but they just replied saying can you write a song for me and just send me an offer cause its not working. has the buy button disappeared or something?

I’ve checked out your gigs in 2 browsers (Chromium and Firefox).

The gig without packages has the buy button both on the right and down (after the scrolling) in both browsers.

The gigs with packages have the buy buttons under the video, but the menu on the right doesn’t work in Chromium; everything is visible in Firefox.

In short, one way or another, buy buttons seem to be visible and available in both browsers.

Maybe your buyer is having a browser issue? Or maybe the mobile version (I haven’t checked that one) is giving him trouble?

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Have you paused your gig or used vacation mode recently?

If so, this occasionally happens. Tell your customer to clear their browser cookies and it should resolve the issue. :slight_smile:

I say you are right because vacation mode have on fiverr so gigs not showing buyer.

No i havent had it on vacation mode or paused any gigs since last year, maybe it was just his browser or something, he never got back to me so im not sure why he couldnt see, everyone else can!

Suggest your Buyer Ordering you on a different browser.