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Buyer can't see my messages/uploads?


So, I have this client at the moment and for a couple of days it has been a bit weird in communication. He doesn’t react to whatever I upload or ask and everything he says is not connected to my messages.

Today he said that he hasn’t heard from me for a while and if I’m still working on the project. As I said, I upload and be engaging mostly daily.
Now, he also opted for us to talk over the phone, but I can’t call due to personal reasons and I’ve explained this multiple times already. But he keeps asking.

Can there be something wrong with the chat? (We talk on the order page.)
And with the deadline swiftly approaching, I don’t really know what to do.

You shall contact CS asap, sounds to me like this buyer wants to get it done outside of Fiverr, which is against TOS if not absolutely crucial for the realization of your project. This person might be new to the platform ? There are actually 2 chats on Fiverr ( your personal inbox / the order chat ), that can be misleading to brand new users.


If the case is that you are massaging your buyer but your buyer can not see your massage/ uploads then it can be a bug (i guess). You can contact with Fiverr help & support

Thank for the answer!

He is indeed new to Fiverr and in the beginning (three days of a 14 days project) there was a bit of confusion surrounding the two chats, but I explained that to him and we have been talking in the order chat since.

DO NOT get dragged off-platform.

It matters not if the buyer is clueless or a deliberate scammer, you will not know until you have been burned and either CS cannot help you or may even hit you with a Warning.

As a Seller it is to some extent your responsibility to manage customers, but at the same time, you are not being paid to manage their stupidity so if they have a problem with the system that a simile explanation doe snot solve, refer them to CS to solve their issue instead of making it your burden to bear.

If necessary, cut them loose.


You can contact Fiverr CS team immediately. Let them know what is the issue and current status of that.