Buyer can't understand different between 11h and 24h!


Buyer can’t understand different between 11h and 24h and put a negative feedback after 11h saying i run away with his money or something! So basiclly i deliver a preview in less than 11h and went to bed :slight_smile: After i wake up in 8h i notice that buyer screaming over over and over again while i was sleep and put a negative feedback! And then admin cancel order and send a refund! And then remove my right to reply to his negative feedback!

So i got a negative feedback
And i had to refund him even after work finished
And i can’t reply to his negative

Nice Day!


I’m sorry that this happened to you. :frowning:

I personally feel that CS was wrong to do this - you delivered the order well within the time frame and as long as it was up to the standard that you advertise in your gig, then CS should not have refunded the buyer without good reason.

I would submit a support ticket and challenge this. Good luck!


Hello, sorry this happened to you. Did you use the delivery button for the preview?

Seller did not provide any service whatsoever! Just took the money!

It sounds like he felt the order was delivered before it was completed. If you want to send a preview before the final job is completed don’t use the delivery button. I am guessing here what happened of course.

If you delivered anything other than the finished order, then CS was correct to give him a refund.


My gig FAQ explain it well :slight_smile: And my gig requirement also explain that optimizing take extra time
It’s like you buy a car for 5usd, I give a new paint job for FREE but you have to wait 2h extra for that or you can pay extra to get it same day
in this situation, buyer need car and paint job for FREE on same day!


It’s ok to refund him, As it’s just a 5usd
I have a problem with that Negative feedback and admin block me from replying it :frowning:
It’s my fair right to reply to a feedback


Stay Strong There are many Bad Buyers On Fiverr .

I got An order of 105$ then i deliver the order after 8 days then I got 5 stars Review Then Order Was Cancel By CS Because Buyer tell them that and CS to Dont investigate , I lost my Time and My money and I lost my Level , Everything Happened here on Fiverr , Still She is Using my Website which i have Created

Every Seller On Fiverr should be Strong to Face Anything :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree - your side of the story should be heard. :slight_smile:


If you would have delivered a finished job, none of this would have happened.

You can increase your delivery time or ask for an extension of time on an order.

There is never any reason to deliver anything unfinished.


That sounds a bit confusing


This might sound a little bit silly, but if you deliver a order before going to bed, add am extra line in which you let the buyer know that you will need to close your computer for a while so if you don’t reply in a timely manner there is no need to panic because you will reply as soon as you get back.

Some buyers ignore the local time of the seller. I had this problem as well. He wanted some changes to the order, I wasn’t online. He saw that I didn’t reply as soon as he wanted me to so by the time I woke up I got a 1 star review and the buyer got a refund.


You didn’t understand what i said, It was a finished job
He only have to check previews and say it’s ok
then i send final files to him

As there is 150mb limit on fiverr, there is no way i can send 7GB file to him as a delivery massage


I will do same now on :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply


I’m sorry but I disagree when you say:

and I think Fiverr would agree, which is why you’ve had a problem.

You’ve got to send the final files as you’re delivery - nothing else will do, not a preview etc. I’m not sure why your files are quite as big as they are, but that’s irrelevant to be honest.

As soon as you press that ‘deliver now’ button, that should be the order complete so that the buyer can have their files and walk away happy, without any more input.

if you’re not doing that, even if it’s for the best of reasons, and it’s getting you into trouble, perhaps now would be a good time to have a look at the way you’re doing your gigs and see if you can get round it somehow, so you stay within the ToS?

Hope you do - good luck! :sunny:


Does this mean that client can get refund after giving us a 1 star rating ?


No - buyers can have a refund if they cancel, or they can leave a review on the finished work - they can’t do both! :slightly_smiling_face:

Added - usually. Not sure about this particular case.


Thanks for responding!
But in the post above, it sounded like he got 1 star and buyer got refunded.


Sorry I think I should have said ‘usually’ - I’m not 100% about the circumstances described on this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added to my post. :wink:


You should only use deliver button when you have completed 100% of your work not for preview


You did a job of 7 GB for $5?