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Buyer - Careless Reviewing Of a Service

Hello, I just thought to post about careless and accidental reviewing of buyers. Honestly, as we all know…, most of us in fiverr as sellers trying to provide a high quality service and we know that the business depends on the quality of the product. Even though we deliver a high quality product, some buyers still review us negatively, I mean they accidentally review 3.4 or so. When we ask what is the reason for that, they say that they accidentally did that and apologizing for that.
We can request to change the feedback but that causes to lower the ranking and limiting the number of feedback changes limit. I mean, come on its not our fault to review carelessly and we might suffer the consequences of that. I don’t think contacting CS regarding this matter might be fruitful but is there anything to do with this? Expecting some answer from my follow sellers.
Thank you guys.

There has been several posts on the forum, contacting support should help. Asking for a good review is not allowed.

What you can do is, while delivering, make it worth, describe the issue as important to the buyer.

Let then understand you’ve worked hard. Hope it will help