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Buyer Causing Aggravation.. Makes For A Long Day!


You know every now and then you get a client who just annoys you to no end. We’ve all talked about it… buyers who want the moon, stars and sun all at the same time - meaning they want everything for mere bucks in less time.

I have a client now who is demanding a refund because i can’t get to her stuff any earlier than Tuesday, which is what I offer has a extra-fast option. In fact, she said she’s been so disappointed by the quality here on Fiverr that she just cannot wait any longer for it.

So I posed her this question: WHY DID YOU ORDER THE GIG AND FAST TURNAROUND… if you COULD NOT WAIT the 7 days.

I honestly think she feels I am her only client… Ummm no!

I’ve refused her requests for cancellation, trying to get her to understand that patience is a virture and she won’t be disappointed. I’m betting it’ll still end in a cancellation, despite my showing her examples of my work and the positive reviews of my work. I have this feeling, and perhaps it’s just me, that this was planned from the get-go… Why else demand a cancellation 2 days later? Or, if you needed it sooner, go with a gig with a current 29-day turnaround (only because of bulk orders) with a seven-day exra-fast offering?

This just pisses me off!


I would just do the mutual cancellation. Not worth it. (unless you have started on their gig of course)

I changed my delivery time to 10 days for my transcript gig and still have people ask me when they can expect delivery. I just give them the same as what is in the listing which is basically that I can not confirm the date of delivery of your file unless you buy the express gig, everything else will be completed within 10 days.


That is the worst!


After her last post, I decided to do the mutual cancellation with the note that unless she rewrote the material herself, no one she hired would be good enough. I don’t care what she does from this point on… It was a $25 order, but it’s just not worth the aggravation anymore… I have other great clients who respect my time and me… She’s not worth the headache.

God, don’t I WiSH I had a way to block her totally… UGH!


Reply to @emeraldawnn: That’s the attitude to have! I wonder if I’ve had that same buyer…sounds like a person I wrote for once


Reply to @emasonwrites: Who knows… there are so many of these folks out there. it’s like they’re cut from the same cloth. It gets tiresome!

And, I’ve had a couple of buyers like that recently… overly pushy. One client, however, was like that but, in the end, he said he was quite delighted that he waited because the final material was much better than he even expected. :slight_smile: 5.0 stars all the way around.

I tried convincing her but she had it in her head that only she could rewrite the material herself and be good enough. Then, why bother coming to Fiverr and hiring someone to do it for you? All she did was annoy the piss out of me and rack up the cancellation ratio. Thank you… do not come again!

emeraldawnn said: All she did was annoy the piss out of me
Think of her as a urinary tract infection which you've drowned in cranberry juice.....and now you can enjoy pain-free piss~!

As I just told someone else, when I run into mean and/or cranky people, I imagine them with a fulminating, itchy rash in their private parts, but they're out in public and can't scratch (or have 2 broken arms, or whatever). Puts a sly smile on my face, relieves my stress a little, and makes other people worry about why I'm smiling~

Remember, your imagination is yours, but murder is still illegal. ;-)


I like that! Yep, she annoyed the piss out of me, no cranberry juice involved this time. :slight_smile: I’ll have to remember that. Thanks for the early morning laugh! And, I mean early… It’s 4 a.m. here and I’m already working and doing laundry… ugh!