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Buyer caution: great reviews don't mean squat!

I’ve had very good experiences here as a buyer I’m a repeat customer of some sellers here. I just had an odd experience with a seller. I put up a request for an artist to create a new YouTube and Facebook banner for me. Upon completion I immediately noticed that the background they used was definitely not original. In fact a simple search on “pixelated backgrounds” the EXACT image appeared on the first page of Google images. I sent the seller a message and pasted the link of the image they used. And a few moments later the seller cancelled my order because they could not deliver my request on time.

This artist is a Level 2 seller AND has 5 star reviews. So buyers just be cautious.

Its easy to just cancel when no real time and money was spent to complete a gig.
Only perfect 5 star reviews will be displayed.
If your plagued by a conscience you probably wont be able to sleep very well at night!

(wouldn’t be surprised if the above or a similar line exists in one of those “be a successful freelancer e-books”)


I’m a graphic designer Can you give me a chance to design a logo I’m a graphic designer du expertise and professional


Is there a way for me to report this seller? If hadn’t seen that background before that seller really could have fooled me

You can contact support. In addition you could send a message to the copyright holder, i have done that a few times as i keep finding stuff that belongs to artists i know.

When dealing with artists, require to see the progress sketch prior to inking and coloring. This will serve as a confirmation that the work is the artist’s original. It’s not full proof, but it is a pretty sound way to root through the ripoffs. Google Reverse Image is another method.

I show all of my clients sketches before moving into final stages. I assumed other artists did the same.

You have to understand the nature of Fiverr, and any other freelance website. You aren’t buying from a 100% reputable seller like you would be if you were buying from well-known companies. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers - and un-moderated freelancers for the most part. You need to watch out for yourself because no one else will.

Should you need to report users like this - contact customer support. In the future, take measures to gauge the legitimacy of a seller prior to buying.



Who are you referring to?
The post above is not spam.

You can contact Customer Support

I like the idea of progress sketches but some artists are highly protective of their work and would prefer not show original sketches out of fear of some one copying them and claiming as their own. Google image search is great for doing research to get ideas for how to approach project but it tends to get a little nerve wrecking when you see works of fellow artists on display including some of your own works.

Thank you! Working to resolve it

That might be an idea, thank you

Thanks for the tip!

How much money you give to the seller?

There is a price for quality

If only some buyers would understand this simple concept!

It’s no longer their work once they sell it to the client. Further, there’s no reason to be protective of a custom illustration… You can’t really resell it because it has no value outside of the client who ordered it. Most of it isn’t even portfolio-worthy to begin with. Sounds to me like a bad excuse not to show progress shots.

How does a job get done right without sketches being approved?

hammm I think it was best for you because
1- atleast you got your money back
2- order refunded, - you got nothing, he also got nothing,
3- now you can ask another seller
4- you will be more careful next time

You should contact Customer Support and report such type of sellers. Each buyer should be careful while placing orders.