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Buyer changed the requirements after placing the order


Yesterday buyer placed the wrong order. He discussed with me about another website but after placing the order he changed that in requirements. And even the new site isn’t in working. I discuss this thing with him he gave me some options to work with him rather than canceling the order. But how can i work when the site isn’t functional and he is not bothering to fix this issue.

What should i do now? Should cancel the order? My order completion rate is 95% and it will drop after cancellation and probably i will be demoted . I was thinking to contact CS but many people in forum discussed that CS response is slow like even upto 10 days. And my order will expire after 2 days.

Kindly give me some suggestions.


Your status will not be affected by canceling the order. I would because although the buyer seems reasonable, he may have known all along and is hoping you will do more work for less money. That percentage does not count for anything!

I have canceled 3 orders and it hasn’t affected my search position at all. If you are not at fault, fiverr support will see to it that your gigs are not affected.


One of the better option is to contact the support. If you haven’t done anything wrong, your status will not be changed and your gig will be the same place :blush:


We agreed to do some other work. Al tough it was like some trick to get me into some other work. But i said yes to that because i was stressed and don’t want to loose my level. I twas happened with me before and i didn’t want to take any risk.

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I already though about contacting support team but my concern was that they are responding late now a days. And my order will expire soon. So what if they response to my ticket after my order deadline?

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if its not your fault then cancel the order or ask the seller to pay an additional fees.

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You are kinda unlucky. If your order completion rate wasn’t 95%, you would be fine. You should cancel the order when something like this happens, however, it really depends if you care whether you will get demoted or not.

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Yes, it matter to me and from last 2 days my gig is appearing on front page at top. It think that will be affected too by cancellation. I don’t prefer to cancel the order. These are only buyers, after placing the order they suddenly realize that its really urgent for them and they need the work done in 1 hour. Even before placing the order they discuss that they will allow 24 hours for this work. This was recently happened with me therefore he cancel the order and my rate was dropped to 95%.

oh yes it will

i would contact CS and ask them if they can cancel without effecting you’re rating if i were you

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