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Buyer changes requirements



I want to tell a story about a buyer on Fiverr which ordered a 7 dollar logo. She filled the requirements, I replied to her related to her requirements, she confirmed me they are ok. I had a custom offer at a low price, for which I specified there is only 1 concept and 3 revisions. I implemented her the concept, and she returned telling me that I completely misunderstood the requirements and she asked for a new revision, which in fact was a new concept developed. Since this is a miscommunication problem from the buyer, and I also replied to her to confirm the requirements, why am I at fault here?

Is there a real difference on Fiverr regarding revisions and new concepts? The buyer started threatening me and asked for a full refund


Is this related to your previous post?


Hello offlinehelpers,

Yes, I want to know which is the difference between revision and concept here. Also I have another question: If you have a number of revisions granted for a delivery, the buyer can turn back whenever he wants and ask for revisions?


In terms of revisions, yes the buyer can keep asking for revisions, regardless of how many you say you’ll do. Simple solution - don’t offer any, and if they do ask for a revision then it’ss a nice surprise for them if you do it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Revision vs concept - as you’ve been in touch with CS with this particular order, maybe you could ask their opinion?


I asked their opinion regarding my TOS Warning also, and did not receive any feedback. The buyer also threatened me, and the TOS Warning specified that I need to deliver to the client. I already delivered. Thus, the only problem that they may have found should have been that the for them a revision is a concept in fact. I am still waiting for their answer. Still, a TOS warning is really exagerated. The buyer threatened me. They could have just refunded her and enlighten me regarding what they think it was not ok.

Still, when a client confirms requirements, you implement a concept and comes back and says you really misunderstood everything and demands for a different concept, how is it that it’s still me the one to blame. It was a 7$ logo, a clear offer, confirmed requirements and I receive a TOS warning. At least, if you do not receive other warning in the meantime, is this warning removed after 30 - 60 days?