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Buyer changing his requests

My buyer is asking for a completely different video after my first delivery. His English is not understandable plus we agreed upon 45 sec video initially but after delivery he wants me to revise it with different video clips put together and the length increased from 45 sec to 2 mins. I am afraid he might give me a bad review and there are only two hours left. What do I do? Please help

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ask buyer to raise the delivery time and he could accept it

Thanks for the response.
I have already made the video but I am still not sure if this is what he wants because I can not understand his language plus he increased the length from 45 sec to 2 mins which costs more but he doesn’t want to increase the budget

Send him a custom offer according the job that he need.

I did but he is not accepting it

Sadly many buyers are faced with a mixture of needing remote work done but no staff to do it and then throwing in the reduction in funds caused by the global climate. This is creating difficulties for everyone.

Sadly some people see Fiverr as a way of getting as much work done for as little cost as possible and even worse some buyers genuinely believe that we OWE them despite their unwillingness to actually pay for work

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Hi James. Redeliver the video and ask the buyer to use the collaboration tool to mark where changes are required on the video.

If buyer cannot provide instructions in this method, I’d consider it a new job and send a custom order for the new work.