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Buyer changing specifications after delivery



A buyer contacted me to get a keynote prepared. I designed it to meet his specifications that he had mentioned under Order Requirements and delivered one full day before the deadline. After two days he requested for a modification saying he wants it designed in a totally different way, which he had not specified in the first place.

Do I charge additional, taking it as a new project or do the “modification” at no cost? What if he changes his mind again? How do I deal with such situations/buyers?

Please help. Thanks in advance!


It’s your choice bro


Some sellers will do a design in a different way as a revision.

So when you say a totally different way please let me know what kind of different way?

I work with a graphic designer who will allow me to try some different backgrounds and effects
on a picture or make various changes to text or other things as a revision.

So it really depends on what he is asking for and how much extra work he is requesting.

If you feel it is so different from the original request that it should be a new order you can politely tell him that and ask that he place a new order, since he is asking for a totally new design.
The fact that he waited two days before asking for the revision tells me he is probably trying to get a totally new design for free. I ask immediately upon delivery for any revisions.


You offer unlimited revisions? Your client might think it is ok for him to ask for a new design . If you haven’t done it already, you need to specify that
a complete new design is not considered a revision and will require a new order.

You can include it in your FAQS or buyer requirements. Good luck ;).


He wasn’t specific in what he exactly wanted the keynote to look like. He had given just some vague specifications. I designed a template to meet all those specifications. When I delivered it, after two days he says what he wanted was something like one of the samples I’ve shown in my gig page. I read the whole conversation and order requirements again but he has never conveyed that part to me. So I had to redesign the entire thing again!

I’m also worried that if I ask for extra payment for it, he might leave a negative review.


But what if he purposely leaves a negative review? :confused:

Yeah, I should do that. Thanks!


It’s up to you if you are afraid of a negative review enough to do a completely new design.


So, a little update here.

I explained to the buyer that I had to entirely redesign the presentation because he told me what he wanted only after I delivered it, and proposed a little increase in the fee, for which he replied,

Hi Keynotist,

The initial version was not on par with any of your samples. The second version is much better and I haven’t asked for too many revisions. I think this could have been avoided if you asked in the initial questions which version of your demos was most appealing. I assumed you would look at the my content and select or recommend one of the demo versions. This project has been delayed for me as well but I decided to try work with you instead just writing a bad review. I am looking to work with someone on an ongoing basis, not just one time. I hope we can continue to move forward. Thanks.



So now it’s my fault for not asking what he wanted in my order requirements questions :confused:

I guess I’ll just go ahead and redeliver the presentation because I can’t risk getting a negative review.


How do you find out what your buyer wants if it’s not through the requirements section?


That is what my requirements section looks like.


Right you are - I just wasn’t sure what you meant by not asking what he wanted.


What happened is, when I explained the situation to him, I told him that this could have been avoided had he told me at the very beginning that he wanted something like that particular sample image I have in my gig.

But then he’s telling me that it’s my fault for not specifically asking which sample image he liked best.

The typical “I don’t even.” moment :smiley:


Learn from this experience. Maybe you want to add a few more requirements. Ask as many questions as possible to give your client the best possible outcome from the start.

I don’t think it was your fault but as you see you can always learn from experiences like this one ;).