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Buyer Chargeback

Hello, I’ve read a few stories about the horrors of buyer chargebacks here and just wanted to add my experience! This morning I received my very first chargeback, for an order that was completed a month ago (and the buyer had given a 5 star review back when I completed it).

I emailed customer service right away after being notified that the order was cancelled and the funds had been returned to the buyer. They just got back to me now and have returned the money to my account! They’re also investigating the chargeback further.

I was really worried that something like this might happen and I’d lose money that I’d worked for, but luckily Fiverr helped me out with this! Really happy with the help I received from Fiverr’s support team today. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to put this out there in case someone else gets a chargeback and doesn’t know what to do about it! Seems like Fiverr is willing to help out if you’re polite and provide evidence that everything was completed properly.


That really is good news - glad you got it sorted! :sunny:

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