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Buyer charged $19 more than expected

Curious, I ALMOST had a client for a $390 order, but she backed out when her invoice to her Paypal said $409. This resulted in a cancelled order. Curious what this may have been from? I promised her I’d reach out with an explanation in hopes of getting her business again in the near future. Thanks!



5% processing fee - nothing to do with your pricing:
As of July 2016, the current fees assessed to the total purchase amount are $1 on purchases up to $20 and 5% on purchases above $20.

Taken from here;

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Thanks so much! Is it obvious to the buyer right out front? She suspected hidden charges and felt cheated… Not good for Fiverr or its sellers…


It’s in the ToS which they have to read and agree to when they sign up - it’s not hidden.

No cheating at all.


But Offlinehelpers, you know that nobody reads the ToS, and if I don’t read it despite the fact that I accepted it, then it obviously doesn’t apply to me.


Nobody reads the TOS, and frankly, it feels sketchy when someone places an order thinking it is for one amount and is charged a different amount altogether. Fiverr could definitely improve the communication on fees and make it clearer to buyers how much they are actually paying.


From the easily accessible Terms of Service

“Processing fees are added at the time of purchase where a buyer can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover payment processing and administrative fees. As of July 2016, the current fees assessed to the total purchase amount are $1 on purchases up to $20 and 5% on purchases above $20. When purchasing from your seller’s balance (i.e. out of your earned revenues) or buyer’s shopping balance (resulting from any credits or refunds) you will not be charged a processing fee. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include processing fees paid.”

If someone is unwilling to read the ToS than they forfeit their right to complain about it in my opinion. The law doesn’t become obsolete or null and void just because you were unwilling to read up on it.


Amen! Well said. …


I think you misunderstand me. I never said it should be null and void. I did say Fiverr could do a better job of disclosing the fee to buyers. Sure, if a buyer doesn’t read th TOS and is then surprised by the fee, it’s on them. But that doesn’t help out OP, who now has a $400 order cancellation and a buyer who accused her of dishonesty. Sure, saying “well the buyer should have read the TOS” makes you sound superior, but it doesn’t put $400 (er, $320 after Fiverr’s cut) back in OP’s pocket.


I am pretty sure, though I may be wrong, and @eoinfinnegan can correct me if I am, but before you click the “proceed to payment” button, Fiverr automatically tallies up the processing fee and adds it to the total. This is seen quite clearly before you even put in your payment information.

It’s sad for the seller that the buyer seems to have a screw loose, but Fiverr seems to be doing a good job from what I can tell.


processing fees friend.solution is reduce $19 from your price($390) and ask from him to order again.maybe he will accept that offer.

So you want the seller to absorb the processing fee, despite the fact it’s Fiverr who charge it?

I don’t like pay 20% VAT on most things in the shops, but I doubt they’d reduce their prices to negate the effect of the ‘extra’ 20% just because I don’t like it.


Sorry for the slow response Lucy. Completely unrelated to this I was trying to find a suitable forum to complain about the horrific injustice I suffered at the hands of my local fast food delivery service.

You will not believe what they did, I am still in shock.
After selecting my food from the online menu, I went to pay and they added a delivery charge. Then, when I chose to pay by card, they added a surcharge for that.
At that point, my cost was $5.25 more than the total of my food. Through tears, I entered the 3 digits of my card security number and vowed to never again let my hunger for cheap fast food cloud my judgement.

I am still looking for a forum where people won’t just say things like “that’s what it costs to pay online and have the convenience of delivery” instead of sharing my outrage at having to pay the total cost which was clearly displayed before I paid.


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your support and guidance. In all honesty, I had not ever purchased that high of a gig myself so I wasn’t sure where they were confused. Nonetheless, Fiverr offered them a refund (ironically she messaged me to tell me that they only refunded her for a portion of it. But now she seems to be at peace with however they handled it). So thank you to @Fiverr support and all of you for your suggestions I can now heed when others aren’t as TOS savvy or whatnot.

God bless you and your businesses,

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Maybe you can threaten the fast food place with giving them only a 1-star review. They’ll have to rethink their Happy Meal pricing policy for sure!


Nope, you’re right and I’m wrong. I haven’t placed a Buying Order on Fiverr using outside funds in quite some time, so I was unaware of how the fee receipt looks now. Thanks for helping me out there! :wink:

I just know about this.
Thank you for this information, I can tell my buyer if they have asked the same question.

The fees are frustrating. You hire someone for $5, and pay $7, even if you’re using your balance. Then you tip him with $5, and pay $7 again. So you’re paying $14 while the seller is only getting $8, and Fiverr is making $4. That means Fiverr’s profit margin isn’t 20% but 50%.