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Buyer chatting me

I have an agreement with him to do 50 vector treaching for 50 days. I have to do one every day. But he has ordered but the work is not done properly. he is not work with me daily. Now after 35 days he is asking to cancel the order. anyone can you suggestion me what to do right now?

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You can contact Fiverr Support.

In future I’d limit the amount of work you do in one order or use milestones. I wouldn’t do 50 days of work in 1 order since it’s too risky if something like this happens. Maybe take unlimited revisions off the gigs too so you won’t be doing unlimited amounts of work.

Maybe make it so that all work needing doing has to be given in the initial order requirements and don’t work where 1 has to be done per day - it might be a scam where the buyer only needed 35 doing and when they got those done they are trying to cancel the order as they don’t need any more. But you shouldn’t deliver the full final files until you deliver all of them (ie. you should be delivering all of them in 1 go using the delivery button, and if you want to do them in steps you should use milestones though there’s a limit to the amount of milestones).

Yes you could contact CS about it and see what they say.


You must place everything specific and detailed in the custom order. for example: “I’m going to give you 50 vectors every day” but if you only put something like this in the personalized offer: “thank you sir”, that will not be well defined. That is why it is advisable to place everything very specific in the order.

To schedule 50 days of work in a single Gig is a recipe for disaster.

But I guess you know that now.

As you’ve already been told here, set limits that are realistic and you should do well.


uk1000. Thank you so much.

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looseink, Thank you so much.

deivys. Thank you so much.

Contact with Fiverr support.

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