Buyer cheat with me, how can i get my payment protection


Hello everyone,

I have worked with a buyer almost 2 month , he placed 6 order from me. Suddenly I got a email from fiverr , ‘’ THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE’’ Even from morning i could not send him message on his inbox. which were completed successfully and also buyer gave me good review, even it was completed 1 month ago. They are delivered on time, Also payment was available on my account.

i have contacted fiverr they said ‘‘chargeback filed for the payment of these orders outside of Fiverr’’ I don’t understand what they mean by chargeback field. Fiverr assures the guarantees of the payment of workers from buyer. I worked hard and delivered on time and submitted job through Fiverr. Fiverr is between worker and buyer.

If I am not wrong, anyone without valid payment method can’t order on Fiverr. Please let me know how can a worker doesn’t get paid after delivering order and order got completed.

Please, help me to get may deserved payment.


A chargeback it’s the reversal of a credit card/paypal payment that comes directly from the bank/paypal. It seems like the buyer did a chargeback and one he does this, the buyer is automatically banned that’s why you can’t send him messages or can’t find his profile. Try contacting CS, this happened to me before and unforunately I couldn’t do anything to get the money back.

Was the chargeback for all the payments or just one in specific?


Thanks gabrielavila96 for your nice reply. as per your comment , buyer is automatically banned , right? but i know still his account is open. also we are working on fiverr, they should give us money protection, right? 1 month ago i have completed his 2 order, this payment is mine now, how can fiverr refund this money?


Are you sure it was a chargeback then? Or just a normal cancellation? Try to talk with CS to check what happened and to find a solution.


I have contacted CS, They said , it is chargeback , Also still i could not send message to my client in his inbox? but i have his online several times


If it was a chargeback his account would be gone and he would not be online. Something is not adding up.


Hello misscrystal, sorry i could not clearly understand what you mean? If you have any kind of question please feel free ask me? I am ready to give you all explanation with screenshot. I need a solution with my money back.


When there is a chargeback they are banned from fiverr so you would not see him online at all. His account would be gone.

So if he is still online it must have been cancelled from customer support. And he has blocked you from contacting him.


yes, you are right. my question is here, how my money refund to buyer by customer service, as i have said you i have done this 2 job 1 month ago, even my buyer give me feedback 5 with good comment. when i have gave all explanation to customer care , they replied this …

‘‘As you know, we are reviewing the buyer’s account, however, we cannot disclose any further information about this due to our Privacy Policy. When it comes to your funds, unfortunately, when an order is cancelled like this, the funds are removed and held by the buyer’s payment provider and we do not have access to it.’’


Well this does sounds like a chargeback


but how can they refund my money to buyer?


this is what exactly what happened to me 2 days ago, i’ve got a mail from fiverr that your order is been canceled and the funds transfer to the buyer, i was shocked than i emailed fiver support team complain my issue than they replied me with nothing but bla bla bla and said they can’t do anything about it, i was very disappointed, fiverr not giving any sort of security to sellers for payment protection but everything is buyers for fiverr, and now i saw your post same issue,

Fiverr is getting lame day after day and they don’t give a damn about sellers now


They didn’t

The money was taken by the buyers bank/paypal directly.


That is an unfortunate personal opinion, of a great site, that is actually improving and becoming a better site “day after day”. Perhaps you haven’t read the news and blog posts about all the new pro-seller stuff they are adding and updating into the site right now.

Fiver is, and continues to be, a great place for freelancers to do business.


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Hello [jonbaas],

We did not say fiverr is bad place, we go through a problem, i hope you understand we could not get a job easily, after a job to facing too much competition , we tried hard and soul to give our best in our project, after that a buyer paid us and when he satisfied he left us good feedback. Overall go through this process how can fiverr refund our money to buyer? where it is our personal earning. where is our money protection? Just think after 1 month later buyer got his refund , that means any time any buyer take our money if it is 1 month or 1 year?

I want my money security from fiverr. Otherwise everything is fine. In this time they cancel my 2 order, before that 3 weeks ago they cancel my another order. I have seen they give too much help to buyer but what about our hard work?


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Welcome to the world of being self employed.

It’s not just like this on fiverr. People pay with credit cards and Paypal on the internet. This means that approximately 1% up to 5% of your earnings will probably be refunded to the buyer. This is considered normal.

This is the only way that people who buy things on the internet can feel safe to purchase things this way. If not for this, no one would buy anything on the internet or use credit cards or Paypal, out of fear.


This has happened to me and we can’t really do anything about it.

You can contact CS and put your case forward and may be they can credit you the amount! However the cancellation will be there for 60 days,


This is how Fiverr works. Competition is part of any business. You, as the freelancer, need to find creative ways to overcome that competition.

If this was, as other people have already told you, a Paypal chargeback, then Fiverr did not refund your money, the buyer took it back by attempting a chargeback on their PayPal funding source – which is very much against the rules of Fiverr… but not yet something that Fiverr appears to have a remedy for.

Then you will have to contact Customer Support and discuss that with them. Their answer will be the final word on this issue. Maybe they’ll refund you, maybe not.