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Buyer cheated me

It’s a quite long story
Let’s talk it shortly
Some buyer take jobs from other buyers and behave like middle man,among them two buyer contacted me that one was indian buyer(seller) said that he will give me 40$ and and 15$ of his gig service for seo.when I wanted to talk about work he told me he will give first 20$ and after finishing the work give rest 20$ but when I submitted the order he did not contact to me anymore that was an Indian buyer and one Pakistan e buyer(seller) contact me about 15$ for a work but when I started work he ask modification frequently and at the end I had to cancel his order though I had completed his work

Please can anyone tell me what is this ?
Almost every Indian do that :frowning:

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What this is would be a bad deal to be avoided in the future no matter what or where a user is from. Fiverr isn’t set up for deals like “partial payment later” and they don’t typically work. You really have no way to do anything about it since Fiverr doesn’t have tools for that. I would suggest moving on and not accepting offers of that type.

Yes I always try to do that from then

Fiverr’s sytem could severely abused by those who know how to abuse it. I’m one victim here.

Based on what I have read, you were not a victim at all.

Customer support said to try and sort out the issues with the client. You thought sorting out would involve cancelling the order, so you did that.

You could have redelivered, potentially taken negative feedback, and then submitted the evidence which shows that the feedback was unwarranted. At that point, customer support would have taken the negative review away.

Yes fiverr should create a tools to penalize them.fiverr only now penalize seller :confused:

In my fiverr career I lost almost 150$ in a month by those and I had fear about negative feedback thats why I had to cancel those work even if done 100%

If you did the work 100% and have evidence of that, the feedback would have been removed. If you are losing $150 a month from cancellations due to the fear of negative feedback, you are probably not delivering what you say you will deliver, because that is a LOT of orders to be scammed that much.

After done the job they ask modification so many times and ask services that I previously said them not provide

As I do Web development so its not a lot of orders its only 5-6 orders

You don’t have to accept the cancellation.

If they are asking for a ton of modifications then you are doing something wrong or not communicating properly.

Even so, you are not delivering what you claim to be delivering then. 5 or 6 people in a month is a huge number of people, particularly when you do not appear to have made many sales.

Fiverr told right in my face that I can’t force a buyer to accept an Order if the buyer is not satisfied. In my case, the buyer pretends not satisfied and so he declined the delivery. Then minute after, he canceled the Order.

So redelivering is pretty pointless in my case.

CS also said that they wouldn’t be cancelling the order from their side. You missed that when you went on your highlight spree in the other post.

I’ve had the exact same copypasta, and I just took it to mean that buyer was being a bouquet of phallic objects and I was OK. Which I was. (NB: buyer wasn’t unhappy… he just “changed his mind”. OK honey, but I’ve done the work so STFU now.)

If it was just cancelled, that’s PayPal dispute, not Fiverr, and not something that CS can help with. If not, then Ryan’s advice is spot-on.

The buyer was really a d*ck head, so I decided to just cancel the Order anyway. I’ve sent him a couple of messages explaining him why I couldn’t accept the cancellation. But he’s not responding.

I decided to move on and just the cancel the Order.

Oh. You should revise your pronouns, then.

I’m sure the buyer was being a malaka as they say in Greece, but if you since decided to move on, then you need to stop complaining about it. And next time, when Fiverr basically do their King Solomon act (the baby one), don’t… fall for it? (hint: Fiverr loses nothing, so this fight was neutral for them)

You did not face any of them? @ryangillam

As I told I did not want any single negative feedback on my gig

There is a great advice from my side for the sellers like you.

  1. Study or research the buyer. See if he is acting as a middle (many ways are there) and if yes, I will definitely not work with him because he is taking his commission and I am not getting a worthy amount for my hard work.
  2. You can Google the buyer name and even you can check the buyer’s reviews for past sellers on Fiverr by some simple Google surfing.
  3. Always avoid Indian buyers. They always assume sellers as their slaves. I always decline their offers .

Yes you are right all of those was middle man