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Buyer cheating me and that what do?


The buyer message here:
The work is $40

I am really sorry Latif but these images do not achieve my aim, please accept my offer of $20 as I cannot pay you the full price that you have requested .

Although he not accept / give $20.


The answer is simple. If the buyer is not willing to accept your listed or agreed-upon price, than say “no” and move on. Buyers are not entitled to take advantage of you just to force you to give them what they want. If the buyer wants to work with you, they will abide by your service terms.


@jonbaas is right. Move on


It sounds like you already sent him the pictures which means that either you get nothing for them or take the $20.

After this get paid first, before you do the work.


Move on. Such buyers can be a pain in the ass. Before you know what’s happening, he will just report you to Support. Just ignore and move on. Cheers!