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Buyer cheats to get work free


i’m working on 3d design,
Buyer wanted 3d rendering in refer to some sketches.
then i delivered him the render.

he asked me to source file which is not included in my gig desciption and he didn’t tell me in messages about this?

he open finally dispute

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Simly You have to offer extras to him for Source file. contact him and tell him about that.

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i’m offering 3d rendering in my gigs from sketches,
deliver 3d formats or source files for extra.

but he didn’t tell me in msgs he want source file which i want the software which generate this sourcefile.

this is the problem


He has no business demanding the source files.
Let him have his dispute. Won’t get him anywhere.
The options here:

  1. Cancel the order. Or have CS do it, if he refuses.
  2. As mentioned, offer him the source files as an extra. If he refuses to take the extra, See 1)
  3. Deliver what was agreed on. Maybe get a bad review but you will have a great response to that (maybe have a screenshot of the buyer demanding what he didn’t pay for)
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very Helpful, Thanks Alot