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Buyer chooses wrong gig (advice please)

Hi guys, I’m having a bit of problem and I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

Buyer purchases a basic $10 gig for proofreading and editing where the description plainly states that this is for proofreading and editing. Despite failing to contact me (as my listing and description state) B places an order, sends two documents and demands that I apply (essentially) a premium service to both documents (which in any case would be valued at $90 for the $10 that he has paid).

Of course, I tell him that he has ordered the wrong gig and he disagrees, forwarding me a screenshot of my basic gig. This is actually fine, because the screenshot of the basic gig that he sends me literally describes the fact that the service is for proofreading and nothing else. After that he starts to protest that he has been “robbed” and that he is “going through a mid life-crisis” pretty much trying to emotionally blackmail me into feeling sorry for him.

Trying to be reasonable and compromise, I offer to apply a basic gig for two documents ($20 for just the $10 that he paid) in addition to reformatting his resume. Now to be clear I do this because: a) I am (pretty much) a new seller and b) because I’m terrified of receiving an order cancellation because of how this (as I understand it) effects traffic.

Anyways, I submit his documents, he gets back to me saying that nothing has been changed except the design. At this point - I’m furious and stressed. The differences are opaquely obvious to even a school-child. One initial document is almost unreadable, the other (that I provided) is actually comprehensible and conforms to the initial obligations of what he has ordered.

Being at the end of my tether, I’m in the process of submitting this case to CS. As I am technically a new seller on Fiver, having only been on here for under 2 months, I’d appreciate any tips from experienced sellers in order to resolve this matter.


Right at the beginning, I would have told the buyer he has two choices.

  1. I will cancel the order through CS.

  2. The buyer can accept an offer for the added value of what I would be providing him.

I understand that you are a new seller and this could be a hit to your stats. However, you are a 0 level seller, so it really cannot hurt you that much.

If you go to CS to make the cancellation, (and not the resolution center) in my experience, they will cancel the order, and it will not affect your stats.

Good Luck. :four_leaf_clover: Come back and let us know how it all worked out.


Thanks Vickie, I will.

What a nightmare.

Unfortunately, it will not be your first one.

I do not bargain much with buyers. I let them know I am willing to cancel. Many buyers know new sellers fear to cancel so the unscrupulous buyer will use this fear against new sellers.

Also, I have a Quick Response that says:

“I’m sorry, but I can’t give you a discount. It would be unprofessional and unfair to all of my repeat buyers who have paid the full price.”

My friend @catwriter provided me with that response for buyers who want discounts or more for less.


That’s a great response. In the event that Buyers have refused to accept that, have you just gone a head and contacted CS?

Anyways, It seems rather unfair that Sellers can be manipulated in this way.

Browsing through the sub-forums I noticed a thread which recommended creating an order accept form, or something to the effect of allowing Sellers to proactively choose which orders to accept. I think that sounds very reasonable.

Yes, because at least through CS there is a chance it will get canceled without affecting your stats. However, if the order is allowed to autocomplete, you will get an automatic one-star review.

I do not get it as often now as I did when I was new. I have noticed there are a few buyers that will prey on the newbies as I said.

I have not seen that post. However, Fiverr is unique. Their reputation is built on the buyer being able to book a gig without contacting the seller directly. So, I do not see that changing anytime soon.


I’m usually saying something along the lines:
“Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to give you a discount as those are prices with already a 70% (50%) discount that I provide exclusively on Fiverr.”

@denton, unfortunately you will run into those kind of buyers from time to time as @vickiespencer mentioned. And a lot of them targeting new sellers.
I rarely recommend it but it still might be better to cancel this order through CS instead of completing it. This person obviously planned from the beginning to get away with your work so sometimes it is better to just cancel the order instead of dealing with all this stress and loosing hours of your work for nothing.