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Buyer choosing "wrong" package


Recently, a buyer made an order of my standard package (proofing up to 3,500 words).
After starting the job, I realised that based on the number of words they needed to be proofed (3,765 words), they should really have chosen my premium package.
I did the job to the best of my ability nonetheless and was rewarded with a 5* review … but, does anyone have any tips or advice as to how I may get the buyer to choose the correct package, and so avoid this situation in future?


Hey @real876pro

When any buyer contact your in draft you can directly suggest the packages which one you offer and also buyer is new so you can use the custom offer for the new buyer so you didn’t get any confusion, also you can firstly suggest you have to choose this package for your requirement. hope this is help.


Thanks, @logoflow! The buyer was actually a repeat customer.


Thanks for the clarification so you have to tell him you choose the wrong package, and also you can send the offer for upgrade the order to choose right packages.