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Buyer Circumventing System

I have a buyer - 3 times now - that keeps ordering incorrectly. The first time, I missed it, the second time, I made him aware of it and told him he either ordered correctly or I would cancel his order. I told him he obviously liked my work or he wouldn’t keep coming back, which means I’m obviously worth what I ask and not be paid what he THINKS I’m worth.

He did it AGAIN today… ordering on the shortest timeframe and for less money. So today, I pulled out the fists and swung out at him.

Sent him the message and custom offer for another $5 and told him that his repeated attempt to cheat me (and Fiverr) out of the money I am rightfully earning is grounds for me to go to CS. I told him, if he didn’t accept the custom offer, I’d cancel his order and go to CS to have them ban his account. After all, when I don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr. And, if a buyer cheats the system because they don’t want to order correctly, Fiverr isn’t getting the money they also should be earning.

I’m done playing NICE… with any buyer!


We all should put that into all our tickets, when applicable :smiley: it’s not completely true, though, fees.


Well, I’m mentioning it to them now and the fact he keeps cheating the system by doing this. So, maybe they’ll ban his account. I’ve also raised the fees on my gig.It won’t stop him from ordering less on words that are more than a certain amount but I’m getting to that point.

I’m also making CS aware that it’s their Levels System that’s created this problem - buyers like these cheating the system because they know that we are beholden to the rules or suffer the consequences of buyer mistakes.

I’m done playing nice… just don’t care anymore.


Here’s what I wrote to Fiverr CS about my feelings about this. I’m sure I’ll be banned soon. I’m almost expecting it actually. I wrote about the buyer first and then said this…

This is the problem your level system has created. I have NEVER had a buyer like this before this system was implemented. Just one notification from me letting a buyer know he’s doing something wrong is usually rectified; this buyer DOES NOT CARE that he’s breaking the rules. He does not care that Fiverr doesn’t get the right amount. He just does NOT care.

I don’t know how many times I need to say that to get through to y’all.

And, on that subject, it’s the lack of the ability to BLOCK BUYERS from ordering from us who constantly abuse us and our services that is also causing this issue. I’ve never been so disappointed with Fiverr in my entire time I’ve been here, but the last two months have been draining - It’s even worse than my job at the school, and I get a lot of grief there.

Want to restore this seller’s faith in Fiverr so I can brag about it far and wide to all she knows - even other reporters? So, she’ll write an article that paints Fiverr in a more favorable light than what’s currently circulating? There are three things you can do:

1 - Ban the buyer (he obviously does NOT care that Fiverr isn’t getting the money they deserve.)
2 - Pull and readjust the levels system - it’s an unfair system that places ALL the blame on sellers for buyers like this.
3 - Implement an accept or decline feature for sellers, so that WE have the POWER to control who we work with. If you want to rank high up as being a professional freelancing site, then you need to show US sellers the RESPECT we deserve.

By actually LISTENING TO OUR CONCERNS about the problems WE ARE HAVING is the way to show us that you care about us and not just the bottom dollar.


Yes, buyers cheating the system just made me increase the price on one of my gigs.

Buyer messages me asking for pricing info regarding their project. I tell them this would be $65 for a custom video. Several questions then ensue. What do we need to provide you with? Can we have a discount?

The buyer finally goes away and orders my basic $30 package for a 30-second, non-custom video. Requests a custom video, gets one, and then starts haranguing me for revisions.

The best part? The buyer leaves a 3.7 star review, marking me down for service as advertised.

Anyway, that was it for me. I hiked up the basic gig price and cancelled all my pending orders for the weekend. There is no way I am even attempting to work with Fiverr anymore.

  • All my regulars are ordering less because of Fiverr’s stealth tax. (Now they want bulk orders rather than individual articles
  • The majority of my orders are starting to be rated at 4.7. Why? Because of an at least year old bug with the app
  • Unbeknownst to me, Fiverr has been testing a ‘don’t let this seller set revisions’ feature on me. One which gives almost every buyer defacto free unlimited revisions with every order

Given the above, Fiverr couldn’t make it easier for buyers to circumvent the system or drive sellers into file class action Uber-like lawsuits if they tried.


The worst part about this buyer is that he’s been here since 2016, and he’s a seller himself - selling UK backlinks but still… he knows what he’s doing and that’s not right.


Fellow Fiverr ‘sellers’ can be the worst. - Though that is not intended as a blanket description.

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Well, Fiverr cancelled the order but the buyer/seller is still active. They cancelled the order, which is not what that message was about. If that’s all they took away from it, then Wow. I am at a loss for words.

On a note, Alex said they are forwarding him to the Trust and Safety team to look at his behavior. Maybe, hopefully, they’ll ban him and that’s it.


Trust and Safety generally takes a LONG time to decide on something ambiguous like this as they have to look at the whole situation so I wouldn’t hold your breath on a solution.

One thing though, does the service fee get refunded if we cancel? If not then I think the solution to this type of issue is to just cancel it - when you know that the buyer is trying it on, such as here where you have told them before. After a while, the buyer will see their loss of the service fees and perhaps get the message.
(There, a nice glass-half-full use for the service fee :slight_smile:)


But support cancelling orders still minus your rating? What gives?

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lol :laughing:

That’s why we need a preapproval system, so we can check each order before the clock starts ticking with the ability of cancellation without needing the approval of the buyer and without messing with the cancellation rate. I have the same issue as you do, but that’s most likely because the client doesn’t really read the gig description or the FAQ.

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One of the most annoying questions and mostly came from new buyers. I had clients that spend over $10k and never asked for a discount, yet some dude comes along and requesting one for the reason ‘it’s my first time’…(even though I specify in the FAQ that I don’t offer discounts). They think that we are selling dope with the motto “first time is free, next time send me your liver”.

Just mention in your gig description, FAQ and inside the order page the number of revisions you provide.

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Like with everything to do with Fiverr, yes, this seems like a simple solution. However, I am one of those people who whenever they edit a a gig, has it removed from the search forever.

I would love to completely revamp all my gigs. Sadly, this means completely losing my search placement. - To the point where I have to create new gigs and effectively start all over again. - Not good considering my Fiverr strategy is to increase prices after every 100 reviews.

Also, the past two gigs which I have created have never even made it into the search.

Fiverr is broken. It’s that (insert several expletives here) simple.- Worse, for the past 6-months, Fiverr has been getting more broken by the say.


I had a similar problem as well like 10 months ago… Really sucks, and when you asked them why, will come up with an answer like this “From my end all seems to be good, we cannot guarantee that your gig will appear everything in the search”.

There’s another bug where your gig was on the first page and then it dissapear and when you change the page variable from ‘1’ to ‘0’ will appear another row with hidden gigs.

I was told “this is normal” and I was minutes from losing my mind, because I have a degree in computer science and for me that seems a dumb bug.

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Yes it does but four orders has only dropped me to 97% at this time. Right now, if the buyer tries to reorder, he won’t be able to. I put my account on out of office mode.