Buyer claims I did not do work and demanded refund


I have a buyer who immediately demanded a refund claiming I did no work and that my gig is the worst on Fiverr.

This gig is for proofreading voice over scripts for conversational english. The buyer sent a script poorly translated and asked me to rework it. I did and sent the results using the “track changes” feature in MS Word. The buyer almost immediately responded that I changed nothing, this is the worst gig on fiverr, and he wants a refund.

I downloaded the file I delivered, and it is the proofread and revised work. I sent the buyer a pdf of the script with the changes visible (thanks Microsoft) to prove the work was done and SIGNIFICANT changes in grammar and syntax were made. I asked the buyer to advise me if he would accept the work, or required a refund.

So fellow Fiverr folks, IF the seller still wants a refund, do I grant it, or challenge it? I can prove the work was done to CS, but he may still blast me in a review. And it’s only 5 bucks. What would you do?


First of all, do you offer a proof reading service? If so, did you charge the buyer for this? Seems to me that you not only did your job, you went above and beyond the gig description. The fact that he even asked you to do that, and immediately requested a refund spells scammer. I would say challenge it, but it’s your decision to make. You did the work, you should be paid.


By the way I ask that because proof reading, and redoing are not the same thing to me


Actually, I offer a gig for just proofreading scripts that is geared toward “English Second Language” clients.


Ah, I see. Then this makes sense yes. When you said proofreading I’m like reworking the whole thing is not proof reading, you basically redid the whole script :joy: But that’s to be expected when dealing with Second Language clients.

I would still say that you went above and beyond just because it says proofreading and i think you serviced him a lot more. It’s unfortunate he’s trying to stiff you. It is only five dollars, and I understand if you don’t want to deal with a five dollar headache. But he should know that scamming is not something that will fly on Fiverr


I just sent him a cancellation notice after he very reluctantly agreed to accept my work (which was undeniable once I sent him the file showing his original bleeding red from my changes).

He very quickly accepted the cancellation offer. No surprise. He gets a freebie and I take one on the chin. Just another day on Fiverr.

Hopefully this buyer will not contact me again.


The headache is over but time still wasted. Sorry to hear about the way this went but it happens in business. You have a real professional profile and good reviews. You’ll be okay.


Thanks for the kind words!

It’s frustrating to get taken like that, but it’s a hazard of working on Fiverr.

Oh well, on to the next one!


He probably won’t, but if he does, refuse to work with him.


I think you should contact support, if you did the work correctly and they do not agree, that’s alright but it seems like he might be trying to get a free order off you.


Well, lesson learned…

So to summarize, as I mentioned earlier, guy gets my script revision from my gig, then claims:

"what did you do? i dont see any changes at all!!! is this the worst gig on fiverr??? please refund"

So I send PDF proof of the changes, but still cancel the order and go about my day.

Then I got this message:

"Hi Again, I just noticed now the changes when I opened the file on my computer as it was not showing on my phone. please send me the offer to pay it, I’m sorry for my aggressive reply and action :)"

I thought, “let it go, be the bigger man, send the offer, everything will be alright. Don’t be an angry guy and tell the guy to **** off. Let him pay and accept his apology.”

Plus, he just cost me a cancellation, now I can get a completion right after.

I accept his apology, I send an offer, he accepts, I send the file again, he marks it complete.

4.3 stars.
His comments: Thank you for your work.

5 star communication, 4 star for work as described, 4 star for recommend or buy again.

My first review for less than a full 5 stars. For fixing his atrocious script and tolerating his unprofessional behavior.

The lesson: Do not accept apologies and give second chances to a guy who already bit you on the rear once.

I realize that’s still technically a good review, but I’d rather have lost the 5 dollars and kept my 5* streak alive.

In all seriousness, I want to blast him in my response review, but as I understand it, he can always lower his review. So I am going to take it on the chin, not respond at all on a review for him. It’s too bad though because he should be poorly reviewed without an opportunity to retaliate.


That really does suck, I hope you’re able to get a new order soon so you can get that well deserved 5 star rating!


Honestly, this type of thing drives me nuts - not the buyer’s behavior but the seller’s!
Why on earth would you refund this? Sure it is only $5 but come on - when this happens it means either the buyer is a scammer and is trying to get work done for free or else they have made a mistake, don’t have MS Word (so didnt see the edits) or simply didnt notice them. None of these reasons should give you a reason to cancel and in this scenario it was the latter reason.

You have enough reviews to cope with getting a 1-star so just stick to your guns when this type of situation comes up. Another thing to consider - when I see someone with all 5-stars these days, I am actually dubious about them. Seeing how many sellers STILL cancel to avoid negatives, I can’t trust the reviews they have. I am sure there are some who have a genuine 5-star rating but how can I know? Maybe they cancel all the time.

It is precisely because of behavior like yours today that Fiverr implemented the evaluation system.
Think about that for a second. Many hardworking and diligent sellers have had demotions through no fault of their own because of a system that had to be implemented to stop this behavior.

  • First of all, Fiverr stopped the ability to cancel to remove bad reviews - that didnt stop the issue.
  • Next they have tried the monthly evaluations - that hasnt stopped it either.
  • I wonder what the next measure will be - because there will be one until people stop doing this…


Wow thats ridiculous! You went above and beyond and then HE messes up and still docs you stars? I’m sorry you had to experience this!


Honestly, 4.3 is not bad.

I know 5 stars is what we all strive for, but it was good of that buyer to apologize. That almost never happens.


@eoinfinnegan I totally agree with you.
I really don’t understand why sellers accept to cancel an order when they have made the job (and good job). I had never seen that in all my life before I discover Fiverr. I still can’t find another activity/company where you can ask for a refund when the service/product has been delivered.

I think that they will think about changing their behaviour when they will be promoted “new seller” :wink: and see all the orders in other sellers’ hands. But, it will be too late…


You can ask for it anywhere - you will be told no anywhere else though.