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Buyer claims order was not delivered. (But it was)

A buyer has just given (05/04/21) a 1* rating for one of our gigs, claiming the order was not delivered.

In fact, it was delivered on 25th March, 1 day ahead of the deadline.

Can anyone offer any advice?


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This sounds like system review not buyer. Can you type exact review? And check your delivery mark, maybe it was not delivered.

The gig was delivered. There’s a screenshot of it behind the buyer’s feedback. You can see the gig and the feedback here: Audit your amazon associates website for compliance by Regainyourname | Fiverr

You responded and now it is pretty much over.

Bad experience.

You can’t do anything.

So buyers can lie in public feedback?

Pause for thought!

Isn’t that against the site terms of service or community standards?

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Wow that’s bummer. Really bummer. Maybe first time using fiverr and goofed out big time. I would try CS with all screenshots.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.

I don’t think CS will change anything here. best not to ask lest you get warned for Review Manipulation.

Sadly many things that are in TOS do not play out that way. TOS is a document that defines what might happen but not law in this place. Despite it being used like law when it suits.

As for the review, I think it is pretty clear that is a bad buyer so no sane person will credit that review as worth a pinch of salt in the Dead Sea.

Block them and move on.


It’s worth trying CS right?

At least he can get back to 4.7+ rate after 5 more jobs. Buyers like these can really end a new seller’s career on Fiverr. In a perfect scenario Fiverr should care more about sellers. In the end Fiverr needs more good sellers who may bring hundreds of buyers, revenues instead of one bad buyer.

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Great point there, but people didn’t seem to pay attention to.

A violation of ToS in reviews by client can lead to loss of revenues to Fiverr.

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CS responded with this.

I completely understand how you feel in this case, as I know how feedback is important for your account.
I’ve reviewed this for you and at this time, the feedback will remain, as it represented the buyer’s honest opinion about the work at the time they left it.
Bear in mind that feedback is one of the key factors that make Fiverr a safe and trustworthy platform, which is why we aim to enforce the honesty of it. The review is a reflection of the Buyers experience.
In addition, a seller can remind a buyer to leave feedback but cannot solicit a positive review nor can the seller ask the buyer to change a review once it has been completed.
I really hope I was able to clarify this and that in the future, you will have nothing but amazing reviews, and remember, one feedback cannot change all of the amazing work you do on our platform!
If the buyer contacts us about removing feedback then we can review this again.
Have a lovely day and let me know if there is anything else you need.
Best regards,

I can’t help suspecting that this is a cut and paste response since it doesn’t relate to the issue we raised, which is that the buyer stated the order wasn’t delivered, and there’s clear evidence that it was delivered.

It’s a shame really, but as a business, we have to be ruthless and adopt a zero-tolerance approach to bad practice, so moving forward we’ll be looking for other freelance platforms with a more ethical and professional standpoint.

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Well, that seems to not always be the case.

No, but it can really screw up your placement in the pages!!!

I have seen this result in the seller getting a TOS violation!

Probably is a copy/paste.

But, at least they think you are amazing and wished you a lovely day! That should be enough salve for the wound this lousy buyer who lied about delivery gave, right?