Buyer Claims She Got Charged Twice? Something Isn't Adding Up


Hi everyone!

So I’m really confused here on what to do.

  1. A buyer purchased one of my gigs ($25).
  2. A few hours later, the buyer tells me that she’d still like me to continue doing the gig, but she said the following:

“Also Kimmie I on accident charged my card twice $26 would u be able to send me a refund or can you saved it for me for a next time?”

I’m confused how she could have charged her card twice ? Can anyone give me some guidance here on what to do? Maybe I’m wrong, but something isn’t adding up.


It’s better for you to ask Customer Support.


I’ve got 8 hours left to do the gig, and Customer Support takes forever to reply. Should I cancel the order?


No. It is possible that in some cases the online statement displays the amount twice (pre-authorization and payment).


If she ordered twice there will be 2 different order numbers, if there was a credit card mistake only CS can fix that. Just deliver on time and ask her to clarify which it was. Then Have CS either cancel the dupe order, or work out the credit card issue.


That’s what I thought.


Exactly why I thought something isn’t adding up. There’s only one order.


Probably trying to scam you


To clarify, there is only ONE order and ONE order number from this buyer. So she did not purchase two gigs by accident. However, she claims that, for one gig, she got charged twice. I’m not sure if I buy it …


That is just one order! She is lying.

You would be able to tell if she placed two orders.


You might be right. But she clearly doesn’t know how Fiverr works if she’s trying to scam me lol.


It is possible she is just confused so communicate gently to her that she only placed one order.


I´ve had an accidental double order just recently, there were 2 order numbers, CS cancelled one of them for me. If there´s only 1 order, deliver your job within the deadline and leave the rest up to CS, they can either find out if she really was charged twice or explain things to her else.


Thanks. That’s what I did. I told her to double check because it could have been just that the statement was displayed twice, as Pacquo mentioned. And I also told her to contact CS if anything.


Thanks miiila. I’ve had the double order problem before, but I was able to see that there were two different order numbers. In this case, there’s only one order number, and the buyer claims that she was charged twice for one order.