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Buyer come back after a while and got a bad review

One very disgusting thing

After the delivery of the work, the order was complete automatically
But the buyer came back after a while and got a bad review. There may be some errors in the work but Buyer had unlimited revision options, but he did not have any contact with the order.
How long would he be if he did such a thing after a long time,

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Review can be left within 30 days of the order delivery

After 3 days of delivery, the order is automatic complete ,
But if the buyer does not communicate
30 days before the bad reviews come,
Then it can not be accepted
What do you think

I wouldn’t say it’s disgusting, but it is unfortunate.

I’ve had something similar happen to me; order was automatically marked as complete, then the buyer came back and left a 3.7 star review because he was unsatisfied. Turned out he had a very small issue that I could’ve fixed easily if he had contacted me first.

But if the buyer does not communicate
30 days before the bad reviews come,
Then it can not be accepted
What do you think

What does that mean?

Not unfortunate
Because if the Fiverr Demotion option was not turned on
There can be little mistake in any work
But if buyer communicated
I would have solved

So you’re saying it was fortunate? I’m a little confused.

Of course it’s fair to be frustrated with some buyers’ inability to communicate, but I think it’s best to move on from that. After all, a similar percentage of buyers simply leave five star reviews with very little communication as well.

I don’t get what this part has to do with the rest of the sentence.


You don’t seem to have had a negative review - is the possibility of it happening in the future troubling you?


That happened to me too. The buyer didn’t let me know what was wrong and left a bad review. I appealed the review and asked him if he would consider changing if I gave him a revision. He agreed, and all was well! He never asked for any revision, so I didn’t have a “chance” to fix it.

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Yes you got it right?
But I do not get disturbed
I think if a buyer does that
Then I will be a Demotion
Although there are fewer such buyers

I did not say that
Think about whether you feel bad in this situation

Okay - so you’re worrying about something which hasn’t happened, and hopefully never will?

You haven’t had a buyer come back and give you a bad review.

This is all a bit odd to be honest. :frowning:

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But…you literally said…

And if this is a hypothetical situation, I don’t know why you’re so anxious about it.

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Gives an excuse to make a post and get attention and misplaced sympathy I suppose. :wink:


Its really sad news and I think Fiverr to much priority buyer.

No, I did not post without any reason
The reason behind posting has happened to my friend
He apologized to me
So I think write a topic with this
And if somebody has had this problem

No - that doesn’t make any sense either - sorry - I’ll leave you to it. :sunny:

It would be wrong to say it
Fiverr sellers and buyer equal importance
And this type of buyer is rarely seen

It’s not news, because it didn’t actually happen to the OP. He’s just worried that it might happen.

@offlinehelpers is not your girlfriend or wife, so you shouldn’t call her ‘dear’.

A lot of people don’t like it (or hate it, or find it disturbing) when a stranger calls them ‘dear’, ‘bro’, ‘sis’, ‘buddy’, or any other term indicating that they’re close, when they actually don’t know each other.


I did not think of anything else
Your words are okay and there are arguments
You’re right
I’m wrong
I’m deleting