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Buyer Communication Problem


Oh my god!! I really didn’t aware about that. Thanks for your information.


YES!! Both accounts can be disabled if found!


Natural disaster, combined with effortless human negligence.

A beautiful combination.


I remove that mail ID. Thanks for your concern.


Where I get this TOS can you tell me?


It’s listed on the bottom of every Fiverr page:

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Thanks for your help.:slight_smile:

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Need help!! If I send my files through dropbox then how my client will change my rating and comment?


I thought they commented already. No? I thought all you needed was to change the feedback yes?


yes and fiverr notify buyer to send him offer again then they will cancel the previous one.


Then wait until the buyer replies and agree with the buyer to send the file via dropbox


I’m doing his whole design again as he totally changed the design concept now. After finishing that I will send him custome offer and then fiverr will cancel the previous one with bad comments.Hope for the best.:cry:


Did he accept that? If yes then that is the way to go… best of luck


Yes he agreed with that offer.:slight_smile:


then you are good, nothing to worry about