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Buyer complaining about the price

Buyers who want the world at the lowest price. UGH.

Please sellers, confirm that the prices we set for the gigs and different packages are STARTING PRICES and not the actual ones, or is it just me???


It’s crazy, I got some people contacting me for big projects and demands, then their budget didn’t fit with my requierements…
I mean, It’s clearly written on packages, everything is clear enough, I even wonder if they read, they always contact me first because it’s what I wrote on my gigs but when we talk and then arrives the moment we talk about prices they get surprised…

Not me for sure :woman_shrugging:

I have a very clear pricing structure and those are my real and final prices not “the starting ones”.

I can see how it might be tough be precise with your pricing in web development or programming for example but it’s still not imposible to make your pricing clear.

Edit: I just checked your gigs and for T-shirt and logo design you can 100% set up precise pricing that you will charge. I don’t even see why there will be “starting pricing” and what is it will go in those hidden fees that you present later on :thinking:


Same, prices I’ve set are the same anyway whatever they ask for their videos, I charge per minutes.
Once I even got someone who tried to negociate for I work cheaper because he would be regular buyer, really bold one…
Then I explain that someone working since long time in a company isn’t gonna work for cheap because he works there since years, I need to pay my rent, eat, fuel etc, I don’t know how can’t people understand this and try to get big work for cheap.

I just have a quick response ready for that: that is sounds great and I’ll be happy to work long term. That the first order will be a full price and if our styles match and bla bla bla then I’ll consider a discount for next orders.
Or if I’m not in the mood I just block them saying that I wouldn’t be the right person for them.

Yeah I don’t know, I feel it would be hard to work with people who try to negociate, a feeling like they will bring problems.

I understand! But buyers are different and requests vary from buyer to buyer, this is why I ask to be contacted first before placing an order in every gig.

Most of the requests I receive do not match with either the basic/standard/premium packages. That’s why I set the price after having discussed details with the buyer. Sometimes I maintan the packages prices, other times I don’t. Then there are other buyers who just go click on the basic package but request a premium service…

Blockquote there are other buyers who just go click on the basic package but request a premium service…

That is the worst nightmare for sellers, I have faced it once, I canceled order, it has decrease my stats, I don’t know if I had to ask CS to cancel it without affecting my stats.

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Your question needs more context as I could say ‘no’ (my gut instinct) or I could say ‘yes’ (but it depends on the circumstances and the type of service you offer).

I’m a proofreader for example. It could take me 10 minutes to proofread a native text, but it could take me 30 minutes to proofread a non-native text. I know from experience though that if I try to charge more for a non-native text, the buyer will then complain ‘your gig says I will proofread 1,000 words for $10’.

In my case I know the average gig will take me about 20 minutes to complete.

The point I’m making is that buyers like simplicity. Your offer should be simple, and the pricing structure should be simple - otherwise buyers can feel tricked into paying more, and that only creates bad feeling and low feedback.


I work in the same category with logo design :wink: so I can say for a fact that for logos it’s the easiest niche to have a transparent pricing.
In my 3 (or 4🤔) years here I never charged clients more than it stated in my gigs. And of course I set up pricing in a comfortable way for me not in way were basic package is 1 logo and premium is 5 logos.


Ohh, those people tho
I’m new to Fiverr but every time I stuck upon insane buyers who doesn’t wanna accept the fact that your work must be paid actually I’m just ughtgggg🤯

My pricing is pretty precise as a writer. I do have extras, but everything my clients need is included in the packages. I don’t consider my packages as “starting prices.” I admit my prices are high, but my buyers know they are getting everything they need when they place an order, and that order extras are just that, extra.

My prices are pretty clear in my Gigs.

That’s why I stay away from BRs.

That’s where the real um, dealers tend to hang out and offer unreasonable budgets.

That doesn’t mean I don’t offer discounts, because I do.

But I choose who gets them, not the other way around.

You have to keep in mind that whatever you charge, Fiverr gets 20% of that.

So, price accordingly.

Check this out:

Yep, I’ve been sent offers detailing about a lot of development work and they put the budget as $5-10 not sure if they’re just from low income countries or they’re just cheap but I find it laughable and insulting when they lowball me by so much.