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Buyer complaining after they get all the works delivered

She was okay the entire works, we exchange message everyday. But after I deliver the work, she started complaining and said she wasted her money. Is this normal? They trying to get their money back after the work is delivered?? I spent hours doing the works and I refuse to back down. What’s going to happen?


We can’t know or judge that because we don’t know the quality of work that you delivered in final delivery.


This is not normal !
People pay for the service and even leave extra as a tip !

If you have delivered what you discussed with buyer and it is of same quality you have displayed and described in your gig you have all the right to defend your self, But if this is not a case you may lose your revenue and time !

Try convincing her by offering more revisions in shorter time and give her what she actually wanted, You seems new on the platform and you should better buildup your profile by mutually and peacefully resolving your disputes with buyer !

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The work delivered is exactly and a lot better than the sample work I showed her. It was a 12 days work, and we converse almost daily basis. After I delivered, she started complaining and refuse to give comments for revision? I’m more than happy to do the revision but she refuse to comments and only complaining

After first delivery, she refuse to properly comment on my work. She asking for revision, but without any comments on how I can improve the work. I have done the exact work as per our discussion and per my sample of works. I’m new but this is not my first order. It’s strange that the tone of conversation quickly change after I delivered the work. Now she refuse to reply me and told she wanted to close the job off

I would refuse her cancellation if she tries to go that route.

She sounds like she wants to take off with your work and not pay for it. Especially since she will not even discuss what is wrong or give you the opportunity to fix whatever she does not like.


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It exactly what happen. I have work with countless revision untill my client happy and even left me some tips. But this one is different and my first time dealing with this type of buyer. I guess it’s part of the busines and I have to cut my losses if Fiverr decided to side with her. I gotta move forward

Do you offer Unlimited Revisions? If so, I would suggest you may want to change that. Offering to change something until the end of time will only attract those who can never be satisfied and will do the tactic that was imposed on you with this buyer. 2 or 3 revisions should be enough to get it right.


only 3 revisions. she keep asking me to revise but offer no comment and left me hanging for no reason.