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Buyer complains the delivered work after 5 months

So I have one buyer who ordered my Gig on Sep 18, 2019, and then the order has been delivered on 30 Sep 2019.
The buyer actually reviewed the delivered files and marked the order as complete and left a nice review as well. But after 10 days he came again and said there is a bug in the code and it has to be fixed. So I gathered all the details and fixed that too. Later then we talked about other things (He’s not actually went away) and then on March 3 he contacted me and told that the code is not working and he don’t want it anymore. I really disappointed with this.

Actually I have one case where the buyer didn’t like the delivery even after leaving the delivery and customer care canceled that order (Order completed on June 24 and CS canceled that on July 7). So I’m just afraid of this. If this buyer also contacted the CS, will that order be canceled?

P.S: I didn’t give unlimited revisions tho.


Good learning. I will try to be more focusing to customer needs. As they pay us for things that work.

But it totally hurts when you actually did the job as they needed and then after few months they come up and say don’t like it (Obviously they will blame the delivered files if they decided to do like this but that doesn’t mean we didn’t provided what they asked for) and wants refund. It’s unfair.