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Buyer confused

OK so this was my first sale on fiverr they said that they had sent the payment so then i started working on it then when she checked it out it turns out she sent it to a different account and when she finally got it ordered she said that it wasn’t working and it seems she doesn’t know how to send the information here’s a screenshot of what it says pretty much just this “Your buyer hasn’t submitted the information you require.” is there any way i can pass her through this without her having too do it shes already ordered it or could someone give me detailed instructions to send to her i haven’t ever bought anything on fiverr so i’m not sure what i would have too do

Now when I try to contact the person it says that For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly. what should i do now i already did the work…

That means they were probably a spammer that got their account blocked. They were trying to scam you saying they paid to another account to get you to do work from free. some spammers will go after new sellers because they know you may not know how the systems works yet.

Do not do any work for anyone until it comes through your own account and is marked as paid.

Oh OK thanks