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Buyer constantly asking to communicate outside of Fiverr

This happens all the time. A buyer will demand that we communicate outside of Fiverr. They will ask again and again for emails, Skype, Slack, phone etc. I always answer the same: that Fiverr is my living, and I will not under any circumstance risk my account for breaching the TOS, and that both me and the buyer benefits from the security of the platform.

Normally they will understand, and accept this, but now I have a buyer demanding for the 3rd time to communicate outside of Fiverr. This person claims that Fiverr doesn’t provide us with an easy way of communicating, claiming " it will be very difficult to get a strong monitoring of our work. ". How do you settle things with this type of person, who after being reminded several times that I will not communicate or work outside of Fiverr, still goes on demanding?

I even told this person that they can download the Fiverr app to communicate on the go.


Finish the conversation and then report - it’s as much for your safety as the buyer’s! :slight_smile:


You clearly explained that Fiverr doesn’t allow that, and yet this person keeps
demanding so clearly this persons it not willing to respect the Fiverr rules.

If this happened to me, I would either

  1. Explain to the person again about the rules AND let them know if they ask one more time,
    you will report them.

  2. Just go ahead and take screenshots of the conversation and report the person to CS.


Yeah, if the person asks again I will report them. It just pains me as this would have been a very large order for more than 6k USD total, and I really want the job, but not at the cost of breaking the TOS. Annoying when people can’t respect the rules.


thank you so much !!!

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I have clients who do that too. It’s so frustrating. I’ve never had anyone ask me more than twice though. If I did, I think what I would say is something like this, “This is the third time that you have asked me to break the Fiverr TOS. My answer will not change. If you ask again, I will be forced to report you and cancel the order.”

There are some drawbacks to being so assertive and firm, and of course cancelation rate, but that’s the way that I would handle it. I’d rather lose a buyer and hurt my cancelation rate, than deal with someone who doesn’t respect my decisions.

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I agree. If they ask more than once and are given a clear answer it is better to be firm. I ended up losing a big client over this though… I wish Fiverr had their own voip service.

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