Buyer contact me via Message? Is it my order?


Hi friends!! I am new on fivrr buyer contact me offering work with him for long time. Now what should I do? Is this a order or else, What should I ask to buyer?


Ask them to place an order - if they don’t, it’s only a conversation!


This isn’t an order. You’ll know when you get an order as it will be on your dashboard.

Ask the buyer anything you need to know to deliver the order. Don’t necessarily trust them if they’ve told you they have a lot more work for them. If you do this order well, they will re-order.


it’s not an order yet. You should only do the work after you get paid.

You can ask your customer to place an order at your gig page. You can also send an offer to your customer through the private messaging.


when some one approach you via message, you can create OFFER and send to them. once they accept the offer, you will see a notification dot appear in your dashboard.

the best way to secure the job offer is to make sure you understand what client is looking for, and ask what is their expectation in your delivery.

good luck and all the best!


You can also submit your offer.


@meeralamin you can simply tell him/her to place the order or you can simply send the custom order in your chat so he/she will simply place the order when you’ll get the order then you’ll have to start the work and deliver in the time :slight_smile:


@meeralamin: Humm, that seems rather suspicious. When I contact a seller, it is to ask them a specific question; which is not answered on their gig page. I would advise you not do any work until the buyer pays - either thru your custom offer or thru your gig page.

Good Luck!!