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Buyer contact me via message & then stops replying?


Hello guys, i have been witnessing this since when two buyers contacted me via message and then we started chatting about the gig and suddenly they stop messaging & i’m like both confused and amused. The only reason that i could make out is that they aren’t interested all of a sudden in what i have to provide. But, this reason seems to me a bit odd because buyers will only contact me after seeing my gigs and reading the description of those gigs. Long story short, buyers will only contact me if they are interested in what i have to provide, right?

Does anyone has a practical answer to this cause? It’s a bit weird for me.


It’s not weird at all.

They’re just window :shopping: shopping. Many Buyers like to have a conversation with Sellers first before committing to an order. Some usually have to :zzz: sleep on it or just keep it movin’ for whatever reason. Either way, I don’t lose sleep over it, when they’re ready to place an order, they will. No biggie!


I guess you are right. Internet is a one weird place for sure.


same thing happened with me.


Possibly, they are “interviewing” you along with other sellers. When I’m looking to buy, I usually reach out to several sellers to see who would be a good fit and slowly eliminate them one at a time. I try to let them know that I’ve decided to go with someone else, but not everyone will.


Thanks a lot for sharing buyers insight & how they tend to function on fiverr when buying gigs :slight_smile: You see, sometimes it becomes a little bit confusing as a new seller to understand why they did what they did, anyways now i know that what it means so thanks again :slight_smile: