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Buyer contacted through messages, but didn't want to place order


Hi all,

Need some advices from you here as I’m a newbie in fiverr. The story is like this. I’ve got several buyers contacted me through messages, asking me to design stuff. When I did what they wanted, they asked for the file to be delivered but through messages. I’ve told them several times already that I will only give them the final file when they place through order as I too need some feedback and review for my gig. After I told them that, they just went quiet. No more news.

Fiverr is really an exciting place for me to do some freelance job as I do enjoy learning designing and stuff but this kind of thing is such a bummer. I get buyers messaging me at the moment, I don’t know if I should tell them to place the order first then I can start to do the work because I don’t want them to go missing again. What should I do? Help! :frowning:


Don’t do ANY work unless a gig has been ordered :slight_smile:


Tell them to place the order first, then you will do the work. If you send them work without an order, then there is an even greater chance they will go missing!


rossonomous said: Don't do ANY work unless a gig has been ordered

Exactly! Don't do any work until the buyer ordered your gig! ;)

The first thing to do is invite the buyer to order your gig.

Do not get caught unprepared... someone might take advantage!


I get a lot of messages from people who seem to be questioning my process or what’s needed then they don’t place orders. I think it’s the competition at times.


I agree with what everyone says above.

Why, oh why would you do the work before the order is placed? Never mind the feedback, but how did you expect to get paid?

newopp said: I get a lot of messages from people who seem to be questioning my process or what's needed then they don't place orders. I think it's the competition at times.

I agree, I've had that happen to me too. Losers.


Yes, I too sometimes get potential buyers get me to send videos of my work through personal messages, but I am firm and tell them that I will not unless they order.

Patience is everything though. Sometimes I get no sales one day, other times 1 or 2, then I get days when I’m flooded with 8-10 new orders. Don’t put yourself down :slight_smile:

petitefille said: I don't know if I should tell them to place the order first
Yes, Absolutely! They MUST place the order first. Dont be fooled by these scammers trying to get freebies from you. Both you and Fiverr loose out so YOU might wind up getting in trouble for it. Cut to the quick and say, "If you want something done, place an order and then I can help you all you want."


Thanks for the advice all! Maybe I’m just too focused on getting the review. One more thing, what if they already place an order, but when I delivered the work, the buyer went missing as well. When I contacted them asking if there’s anything they’d like to change/if the design is okey, no reply, at all. What should I do?


If you deliver an order and they go silent on you, it automatically gets marked as complete after 3 days.


Hey Petitfille

I am sorry to hear people are trying to take advantage of you

Put your feet down and tell them to order.

Nobody likes freebee hunters

Hugs hun!


I have the issue. Am a newbie in fiverr. When buyer contacted me through message, I sent an offer. He gave me work through message.

I have completed and delivered it through message by mistake. After that no response from him. ,:frowning:


For new seller it is hard to tell buyer to buy my gig or set the price first and then send it.
I also do a lot of talking but when i understand the project then i just tell buyer the price and deliver time.
I don’t think that the price is high or less but i do think of buyer that if he can afford this.


I also did the same. Minimum amount only I offered the work. I have delivered it too. But no reply from him.

As a newbie, am not sure how to proceed further.


If you already delivered the work, there’s no way to “proceed further”, as your person got away with free work.

I too have people message me and once I’ve understood what’s wanted and confirmed what I can do, I say something like, “Since we both seem to be on the same page, I’ll go ahead and send you a Custom Offer”, then I click “Send Offer” and send it. If they ignore the Order and keep messaging, I say that I’ll be happy to discuss it after their Order’s placed.

At LEAST once a week, I get inquiries and send Offers, just for them to go silent. I just shrug and figure either they just didn’t want it bad enough or they didn’t want to pay, so no skin off my nose.


I also sent the offer. He told thanks for sending the offer. I thought he
would pay.

Thanks for your tip. Next time I will take care.


I understand. But them thanking you is not the same as actually Ordering. Until I get a “So-and-so placed a New Order” Notification, I do no work.


Fiverr advises all sellers never to start working on something until the order was actually placed.


Yes. Understood. Will never do this mistake again. I was excited to work as
it was my first job in fiverr.