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Buyer continues to request revisions on name pronunciations

I’ve been working with a buyer for a couple of orders, and each time they make huge bulk orders, of like 6 scripts. Each time they add about 5 name pronunciations in the requirements.

However, their scripts always have about 20+ names in them, and I always look up the names, and say them how I’m supposed to say them, which takes me quite a long time.
Every time they request revisions for me to say the names differently, and even to fix sentences that they hadn’t written in beforehand.

There was also a group name that had vulgar language in it, and I just said it without the swears, because In my gig description I say that I will not read vulgar language.

The largest part that I’m angry about is them wanting me to change the wording for sentences that weren’t even there in the first place.

Would you guys recommend for me to continue working with them? They also always want a discount since “I’m buying from you in bulk, so give me a discount!”

EDIT: Forgot to mention, our previous order, he requested 5-6 revisions, for one single name, that in my opinion was exactly the same as they wanted it said, just frustrating all round. (I only offer 1 revision)

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You would have to have some kind of fetish for being put through the grinder over and over to continue working with this person.

I have never regretted blocking or telling buyers to stop ordering from me, even when they have been regulars for several years. As soon as people start pushing boundaries, you need to kick them to the gutter and look for better buyers.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll deliver the revisions, have them accept it and then block them, thanks!

You are basically spending your time on unworthy things and the buyer is taking advantage of it. You mentioned 1 revision so do only 1 revision, why you are going beyond that part, that is not understandable for me. You can tell them to buy more revisions,

For the bulk orders, majority of the users asks for discount, I do give them discounts but not much just 5-10% maximum.

When I used to sell voice over services I insisted on the client providing me with an mp3 file of any ‘difficult or unusual names, place names and pronunciations’. I wrote this into the gig description.

I’ll be honest and say it only worked about half the time(!) as what might be unusual to you / me might be any everyday common name for them. But it was better than nothing.

I seem to recall that I also asked buyers to include a phonetic spelling of difficult words such as fon-et-ik for phonetic.

I then revised my gig description to state ‘I will only read scripts that are 100% in native English (including names and place names)’. Again, this sort of worked - but it wasn’t a totally successful strategy!

However, in your case I must say that the client sounds like they’re taking the you know what. Personally I would complete this current project, send them a quick message to say it’s not working out, and then block them.

You’ve reminded me why I stopped selling voice services on Fiverr - they stressed me out!

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If it’s not a large sum, I would drop the collaboration. If it is a pretty large sum, I would continue but under one condition, 1 revision max for each name.