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Buyer copyright concerns

Hi, I’m new to Fiverr and had a question. There are many videos here where the logo of your company is offered to be super imposed on a videos of Minions doing different things. How likely is it that a buyer would get into legal trouble for purchasing and distributing the completed gigs with their company’s logo?

Here is what I answered in the other post about this:

You want to know if you are likely to get sued by Disney for copyright infringement? Why risk it? I think it makes the person who does it look dumb. If you are in business then act like you are at least smart enough not use Disney characters with your logo.
Disney or any big company will definitely sue anyone who uses their characters. They spend millions of dollars on law firms who do nothing but this. They do not think it is a small thing at all. It keeps lots of law firms employed full time.

How is Fiverr, or at least sellers, not held responsible for selling products that infringe on Copyrights? There are tons of videos and other products here that depict Disney characters and offer to superimpose company logos over them.