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Buyer couldn’t be contacted in the middle of messages

Hi! I was recently chatting with a buyer, who contacted me through a buyer request that I left. He was contacting me and in the middle of the conversation, it said that he could no longer be contacted and that this wouldn’t change my response rate. I thought he was a good buyer because he had 18 buyer reviews but I’m not sure what to do! Why can’t he be contacted?


It seems like User blocked you.

Or Fiverr banned the user.

This typically means Fiverr banned that user’s profile.

Oh ok! Do you know why that might happen?

Probably because he broke ToS. Fiverr won’t ban him for no reason. Either he was banned or he blocked you. Nothing else could’ve happened.

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Their account is gone, so they must have been banned. :wink:

I still can find their account.

It seems they just blocked the OP or their account is restricted.

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