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Buyer couldn't make use of everything in an order

My buyer ordered my gig, but paid for a package he couldn’t make use of for his own reasons. He is being nice about it, but what would be the ethical thing to do from my side?

He hired you. You did the work.

That is all you owe him.

His circumstances don’t dictate your compensation.

And it sounds like he’s conning you anyway.

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The ethical thing would be to say “Sorry to hear that.”, recieve your payment, and move on. Sounds to me like he’s trying to guilt-trip you so he can get a free order. Maybe I’m too cynical.


No I was thinking the same thing. He’s testing to see what he could perhaps get for free. He knows this seller is easy prey.

In any case it’s irrelevant and silly to share that with the person who did the work. What a tool!


Thank you for the replies, but I did not get any hints of him trying to get the order for free. He did ask me to deliver it anyway.