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Buyer created dispute because they couldn’t provide enough clips for the video

I edit music videos as my gig and the buyer wasn’t able to provide me enough clips for the video. He begged me to cancel the order so I did. I had no idea, because I’m new to fiverr, that this would cause my cancellation rate to go to 50%. I tried to contact him and say maybe he could help me figure this out but he ended up blocking me and I saw on his social media that he edited it himself. I saw this as possibly a scam attempt and I’m not sure what to do. I have been offering $5 projects that take me over a week of non stop work just to build my reputation. I already emailed fiverr and told them what happened but I’m not sure what to do. Thank you.


Low prices attract scammers. Don’t know if this one was such, but you shouldn’t undersell your service.

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What exactly do you want? Fiverr to help catch the thief or Fiverr to reverse 50% cancellation rate? I doubt if that would be possible.

The only possible thing I am sure of is that you should let it be and move on to the next job. If no job yet, wait, it will definitely come. Take it as a loss. People encounter loses all the time in business.

Do you know that even if you didn’t cancel that order and the buyer is bent on cancellation that he can get PayPal to get Fiverr to cancel it? Yes, Fiverr will cancel it and owe you no explanation. The only thing they can do is to block the buyer’s account, and the buyer can still decide to open another Fiverr account using a new detail.

I have to say all that to you, so you understand why you just need to move on as fast as you can.

All the same, since you have contacted CS, wait for them. While you wait, let it be.

I just wanted to make sure I was getting orders. I really enjoy doing this and it’s not about the money for me right now, I just want to build up a reputation.

All I want them to do is reverse the 50% cancellation. It says my account needs to get back up to over 90% by the middle of the month.

That’s only if you’re trying to level. The cancellation will go away in 60 days, though.

(Concerning levels: Your Level Doesn't Matter )


This problem is very common now a days.

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Fiverr might not reverse it. There are two ways to it. You keep completing jobs and it keeps adding up or you give it 60 days to disappear.

As I am talking to you, I have the same issue. I cancelled a job, my cancellation rate dropped to 45% - that’s from 100%, Jobs ceased for the past one month. Few days ago, I got a job through Buyer request, completed the job and the person gave me a tip. My rate jumped to 75%. That’s where I am currently.

I like you to know that you are not alone in this. Don’t waste your time feeling bad about it. Just move on.


Some good advice here. I just want to chip in. Fiverr won’t reverse a cancelation that you willingly agreed to and as far as I know they don’t reverse any of them regardless. Once its done its done. I could be wrong through, but its never happened in my experience.

Yes its important to move on but before you move on you must constructively critique why the cancelation happened in the first place and apply a process to your work that will avoid any future cancellations happening for the same reason.

As an example and my apologies if you did this already, but you could have assessed how much footage they had before agreeing to the project. If you felt the amount of footage was satisfactory for what you needed to do then you could agree to move forward with the order. Before you send the offer across you could write a sort of disclaimer, something like “just to confirm, the footage that I will use to make the video from is to be provided by your self and is limited to what ever you have available. If your happy with this let me know and I will send the offer across”

So you can say something like this if someone asks you before ordering. That way if you have a conversation with a buyer first, then you will never have a cancellation again for this same reason.

But wait… a buyer could order from you without discussing first. Ok well write it into your gig description then. “suitable footage must be provided by the buyer etc etc”

Then if they have an issue you can point them towards this.

In the end you will aways have some cancelations. Its unavoidable. But as long as each time it happens you constructively critique why it happened, think what you can do to prevent a similar thing happening again in the future and implement a process to avoid this happening as best as you possibly can.

If you do that then you can almost bring your cancellations down to zero. Assuming you know what your doing, the only people who will cancel are people who have made genuine mistakes ie they didn’t get what you were selling or chancers and scammers who exist in the world and who we all have to deal with sometimes.

Just one more tip. If you really feel like your dealing with some chancer/scammer whos trying to rip you off, personally I have found all you can really do is to try and get them to show their true colours. Get them to show their true intent somehow and this might give fiverr support a reason to cancel it for you and ban them from the site. Even if they don’t show you their true intent, if someones intentions are to scam you then when they are subtly questioned about this, they tend to react in an extremely hostile way which is a clear sign of guilt. Like if someone hasn’t purchased the correct usage licence for example. If they made a genuine mistake they will apologise. If they did it on purpose and you question them on it, they can become hostile, and this reveals something about their intent, and is also an easy get out for you because fiverr customer support will cancel an order for you if the buyer becomes hostile and the dishonest buyer will potentially get banned.

Never show any aggression or hostility to any one on the fiverr platform under any circumstances. Always keep it professional. Ok peace out.


I’m sorry to say that you’ve made several rookie Fiverr mistakes…

  1. You are selling a product for way below market rate. To commission a music video editor costs hundreds of dollars in the real world. When you sell such gigs for $5 you are not going to attract serious buyers - you are only going to attract cheapskates and incompetents. Both of which are bad news.

  2. Broadly speaking, although you see thousands of $5 gigs on Fiverr, it doesn’t mean these sellers are right to offer services so cheap. It smacks of desperation, and scam buyers prey on desperate sellers. Such buyers know that many $5 sellers will do anything to please them and avoid the threat of poor feedback.

  3. Why would you spend a “week of non-stop work” for $5? After commission that’s only $4 and represents maybe 15 or 20 minutes worth of work for many people in the average Western country. You’ve get to get real with pricing.

  4. Whether you’re new or not to Fiverr, you willingly cancelled the order. Therefore Fiverr is unlikely to do anything to assist you on this occasion. The only thing you can do is learn from the experience.

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Yeah, you are scamming yourself. That’s less than a dollar a day. That’s below abysmal. How is that supposed to be feasible? Many sellers apparently think that the lowest bid will attract good customers. There’s a fine line between being a cheap alternative and just being cheap hire. I mean, I’ve gotten offers from sellers for an animation Gig with a budget of $150 and 10 days delivery that were ridiculously low and just not possible. I’m talking like $5 and 1 day delivery, or $25 and 3 days delivery. I never even bothered to click, I rejected them right away. Someone who lowballs themself this hard has no concept of business and thus screams incompetence. Sad but true.


I got a PM about this, and I figured the answer I gave might prove useful to others, so let me share it with you:

Thing is, there’s a point where you gotta ask yourself whether you’d rather be dealing with lowballing customers all the time, who are often quite rude and have ridiculous demands, or would you prefer serious buyers? You can take every $5 job and overwork yourself, or you can set the price where it’s comfortable for you, maybe have fewer customers, but at least the income is steady.

I think people are confusing lowest bidder with cheapest work. If you actually check those who ask for help constantly, you will find that they offer super cheap and ridiculous Gigs, among other issues. What they fail to understand is that very low prices can also give off the impression that it’s cheap labor with cheap quality, depending on the field of business.

For example, when I browse the animation category, anything below $10 I don’t even bother opening. Why? Because I know that this category comes with a certain price tag, and it’s not realistic to get something good for this cheap. Get what I’m saying?

Likewise, when you have a seller who’s basically slaving themself with $5 projects that take an entire week (!), you can expect the quality to be the same. Not only because it’s dirt cheap, but also because the probability of an overworked and tired seller is quite high. And overworked, tired people cannot deliver quality work, because they are overworked and tired.

Offering cheap Gigs in a certain category is fine as long as it’s proportionate.