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Buyer Debit Card Issue

One of the top buyer tried to place an order with me, somehow his debit card being charged but the order isn’t placed, he is not asking me to start working but he is asking me about the solution, I already recommended him to CS but after 14hrs buyer haven’t get response from CS. If anyone can share a solution that would be great.

The only thing the buyer can do is wait for CS to respond. :confused:


Yes, he is waiting for the response from CS!

Personally, I’d stop communicating. People who expect sellers to be able to help with payment problems are either scammers or plain stupid. You do not have an order from this person and you have no way of helping them. Tell them that you have already done the best you can to help by pointing them to CS, but you can’t offer anymore advice.


Had you any positive experience with him before? If It is not may be he is pretending…

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Maybe, but buyer is buying orders since a few months, I am not about will he place order with me or not, but somehow he is very interested in placing order with me, that’s why I ask here, thanks for your response, scamming is possible as well.

No, I am about doing business with this buyer for the 1st time.

I recently had someone, a regular client of mine, have a similar issue she messaged me about. She said her bank told her they blocked the sale as it was from a “scam site” which I thought sounded really odd. The next day she placed a large order.
Then she left me a great review.
A week after I delivered the order, she apparently did a chargeback. Fiverr refunded me the money but the entire thing was very strange.

So when you get messages like this there is no way to tell what is going on. All you can do is wait and see what happens.

Wait so Fiverr protects sellers againsts chargebacks and refunds you if it happens?

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They do if it wasn’t your fault. At least they do with me.

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Got it, thanks for sharing your experience here, as my buyer is about to buying premium package with me and seems something similar will be happen.

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