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Buyer Declines Order Because of Watermark

Hey everyone! I recently finished my first order. Everything went very smoothly. I was on time, did all the revisions I was asked etc. The buyer was very happy, and told me how they want to work in the future. However, they made a dispute on my order, saying that the watermark would not diassapear, and they messaged me comparing me to other sellers they have had, with whom they had not experienced watermark issues in the past. Could somebody please enlighten me on watermarks? Watermarks are automatically gotten rid of once the order is fully processed (3 days), right? There is not anything I could’ve done, right?

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You don’t have to worry in this regard if order is automatically completed you can convience your client in polite manner by saying that you can easily download the files from order page without having watermark on it or send it directly via message as the order is already marked as completed this is what he has paid for already.


Essentially this is what I tired to do. I told them that the watermarks are not controlled by me, and gave them a photobucket link to download them from there. They told me “This is ridiculous. I can’t deal with this. The site has too many ads and I cannot get the link or download the photos”.

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Don’t go outside always stick with Fiverr, Going outside can cause the problem as it’s not allowed also your buyer can possibly download the files and can claim that he doesn’t have it. Instead, you have done your work if the order is already completed and he is claiming that he got fiverr watermark which is not the problem you can just send it again via Fiverr message board system or can tell him that he can download from the final delivery. No need to worry about in this regard.

I tried to explain to them where to download everyhting from. I must admit that when I did a quick google search, I was told that watermarks are deleted after the ordering process and payment process are complete, just to ensure that the buyer does not steal the seller’s work. I don’t know to be honest. I tried to help them for over 2 hours, but I don’t think they really understand that it’s beyond my control. Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Weclome and good luck

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: