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Buyer defaulted

Hello everyone. I was contacted by a buyer. He asked me to write some web contents for him and we agreed on a price which is $200.

I delivered before deadline. However he came back two days later and asked for revision, which I did. He still came back and said he doesnt want the order anymore, that we should split the money 100/100. Which I agreed.
I asked him to accept a custom offer of $100 which I sent to him, then we will mutually cancel the $200, which he never accepted.
I got a notification from Support that the order has been cancel and $200 was refunded to the buyer. That been done, I contacted him and asked him to accept the $100 as we agreed which he keepls declining.
Why do Fiverr never put the sellers into consideration? They do not understand that if there are no sellers there wont be buyers.
Please advise me, what should I do?


I was in same situation not one time! I got cancel of order without any notice!
Did you contact with your problem?

Rankwinz team

No, I did not. I knew they were not going to help. Same story all the time.

You must contact support by any problem and they will help you just try!

Or if they can’t help, maybe write you advice!

hello choe_harris, sorry this happen to you. It sounds like the buyer duped you into doing a lot of things. I am guessing you don’t have screen shots, but if you do just contact support. I am sure if you have proof they may split the bill. Also note, “The Golden” rule for any business is “Customer” is always right. We live from their piggy bank its a hard fact. I didn’t know you could cancel an order once its completed… weird. Also, contact the buyer letting him/her know this is not resolved and he/she owes you for your work. Don’t just send him a custom offer, contact him and take screen shots. Best of luck.

Can be different reasons of order cancelation:

  • The client complained about you and wrote to support. As you know client is on first place for fiverr! :slight_smile:
  • The transactions referred to were cancelled due to alerts from security department!

Thats why I recommend you contact them to understand what happend!

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Seller support are the place where you can get this resolved. Explain the situation to them, they can look at all your correspondence with the buyer and resolve. Don’t leave it too late.

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I wanted to contact Support but I went through the chat with the Buyer but couldnt find the part where we agreed to split the money.

Oh boy… avoid chat and use the message/email function at all times to protect yourself. I agree with homeestates go to seller support and hopefully they take your word. From what I remember the work you summit should have a watermark so he wont be able to use it. It was just a waste of time on your part. Sorry.

First you must understand why you got cancel of order and you have just one way contact fiverr support!

Sorry that happened with you… I am wondering Why could not you find that part?

If you cannot find the part of a conversation, you can always check it in the Fiverr app.

No it is not. [quote=“marvin_flores, post:5, topic:116806”]
We live from their piggy bank its a hard fact.

Speak for yourself

You don’t know about infamous PP disputes? Just remember, the buyer is always right, so this isn’t weird.

Yes, this buyer was a flaming scumbag. But you know, the buyer is always right, particularly when they demand a partial refund (lololol–there’s no security here, and this buyer knew it) and the seller agrees. There is no obligation for the buyer to be honorable here. But the buyer is always right.

OP: never, ever, ever offer a partial discount on a present offer. Offer a partial discount on a FUTURE offer that relates to the amount that’s being disputed. If you have delivered as a greed, then the partial discount is not relevant. CS will only suggest this if they think you haven’t delivered as agreed and in accordance to what you state you will do in that particular gig.

Oh, and this buyer? a flaming scumbag–and one who was wrong with malicious intent from the outset. IT doesnt’ matter if he doesn’t want the order anymore. You’ve done the work now, and it is his problem. You screwed up here, matey. Take it as a learning experience and don’t do it again.

Everyone else here is skimming around this point, it seems. THIS WAS A SCAMMER, NOT A BUYER.


I wanted to say the exact same thing. Good that I read @emmaki’s comment before writing mine. So, I quote…

Now, there’s no way you agree to refund or partial refund if I do not need what you made for me, anymore! This is such a scam!! How could you agree to that, my friend?

Please contact Support as everyone suggested and if you are on the good side of the events, CS will help you A LOT!

All the best :bulb:

CS won’t help b/c the seller agreed to the partial cancellation.

And like I said, there’s nothing to force someone to pay as agreed.

But let us remember:

The customer is always right! ALWAYS!

This seller’s $200 out of luck up shit creek. Only recommendation is to see if they use the work, and if they do to make a big fuss about it–get a video ranking top on YT and Google showing what a shitstain the buyer is for example. After all, who wants to work with someone like that, who scams you off?

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Hello, your mistake was agreeing to cancel the order or to give a refund!

You did the work plus a revision so do not ever give back money after you do that.

We are not here to work for free.

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you again… listen, emmaki,

I do not appreciate you quoting me when my comment was for chole_harris. Nonetheless I will give you attention since that’s what you seek.

Now, here’s something that you are confused about, Customer is always right. It’s not my fault and if you ever have a business this will be hard for you to learn. My family purchased a liquor store,( and like all business we had to learn this rule. Why? Because the 1st form of Advertising and most effective is WORD-OF-MOUTH. We quickly unfavorably had to adopt. it is what it is. If there is no customers, there is no business. If no one finds your services useful, then there is no use for them.

As for: “We live from their piggy banks…”, well all Fiverr sellers are living from the income generated here in some form or another. Grow up. Unless your Fiverr income goes to a Charity, of which you can publicly note here and I will gladly donate.

Oh and you cannot cancel an order once it is completed. You can go “Outside” of Fiverr and do a PayPal dispute, but that will BE OUTSIDE of Fiverr.

emmaki, you seem young minded. Chill out. Take what I wrote to you with kindness.Peace.

Hello, the customer on fiverr is NOT always right! In fact often they are wrong.
You need to understand that we are not here to have buyers try to take advantage of sellers, which they will try to do sometimes.

Respectfully, having been here for four years, I see many sellers who write on this forum who have been taken advantage of. Sellers need to be firm when they do the work properly and not automatically give refunds.

Especially for proven top sellers such as emmaki, they can set their own rules for what they will tolerate from buyers. They do not have to be subservient as you are suggesting. Many sellers are in high demand due to a proven track record and see no reason to be forced to give refunds or other such
favors to buyers.

Emmaki most certainly DOES have a business!


This is a public forum (more public than many realize, and certainly not your private conversation with chloe_harris). People are free to quote you even if your comment wasn’t directed at them, and they’re free to disagree with you. That’s how forums work.


Hi misscrystal, well, from your perspective and I will agree they are wrong. But the quote still stands in nature:
Customer is always right. The whole Fiverr platform is tailored for them. and if in 4 years it has not CHANGED, it probably wont.