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Buyer Deleted the Almost Completed Site and Now demanding a New Same One

Again a worst experience!
I have Developed the site for the buyer and then when it was in finalization, the buyer changed its hosting and became non-recoverable from hosting end…
The Buyer is not even compensating for his mistake, and not even giving me days extensions. What to do?
I have to redo All the Works That I have done, Thanks to Fiverr, as if I don’t do that the order needs to be canceled, again I am at loss both ends (Order cancellation, Payment Lost)…


Im in a very similiar situation. I discussed with my client what sections will be included on website, and now after delivery he demanded revision and to add sections that we agreed won’t be included. I worked many hours on this task, and he now ignores me when I ask him questions about this sections. And fiverr support tells me that cancelling will affect my stats… When I ask him gently if he can answer my questions, he answers with “No.”

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Sorry this happened to you.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much about it in this instance.

However, in the future, taking screenshots of the work you’ve completed as you complete is advisable. It will allow you to prove to CS if necessary that you’ve done the work, even if the buyer deletes it.

Also note, in a Word or txt file, everything you do as you do it. This plus the screenshots is proof of work.


Why on earth were you working on your buyer’s host? Just do all development on your own host and only then move it over to their server.

Sorry, but from my point of view the mistake was mostly yours. It seems your client is being dishonest towards you though.

Most hosts have daily automated backup in place so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their plan all along. It seems a less obvious way of doing it then just changing credentials and not allowing you to finish the order.

Just cancel the order, make sure they know you pwn the rights to anything you’ve created and therefore it can be used.

And again: Next time do all development on your own host…not only it’s safer for both you and the buyer but it’s also far more professional.


I don’t feel your case is similar to OP’s, in fact yours is much simpler. Have you delivered everything that was agreed upon? If so then just send an order extra for any extra work that wasn’t initially quoted.

Be extra nice to the buyer and even if he ignores you, keep sending him messages ‘reminding’ him his input in needed for the completion of the order. That goes a long way and support goes to see the order history to see which on of the parts is willing and which is not.


The problem is that delivery is already few days late, because he was ignoring me and didn’t wanted to reply. Even if I will send him extras and he will accept, he will do it maybe next week… How im even supposed to do the sections he didn’t explain how they should look.


Actually during the order the buyer was impressed and giving thumbs up for the work going on…
He is still happy with the work, but when it comes to compensation for the time I lost, He totally ignores and continue telling me to do the job again and do; within the time left (10 days worth work in 3 days)… He says you have done it once the second time will not be a problem you can do that in no time at all.
I have explained it many times that as I am doing it second time, the time does gets shorter but not in such manner, at least give me 5 days. but he is persistent to it. Moreover, I am also being cautious to talk to him again and again the same thing, he may cancel it or can give me worst feedback in the end…ALL THE GUNS HAVE BEEN TOWARDS ME FROM THE BEGINNING DUE TO WORST BUYER FAVORITISM BY FIVERR…:tired_face:

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In my previous profile (I was Level 2). I got a client who has the similar mental illness.
He asked me to build two functionalities Blog (main) + Shop (just Page with products).
During the project i got his consents and suggestions and finally the project was ready.
While delivering, he said. I actually didn’t like it very much (I mean WTF) I was creating the whole time as per his suggestions and he was reviewing it the whole time.
In the end the order was delivered. he placed another order directly (my smallest gig package, that does not cover the cost at all). he asked me to make it other way around (Shop as main + Blog as a page). That was included in the requirements of the order. but on the msgs he s;aid i don’t want you work on that, instead do another job that he specified and i performed, he said not to deliver the order (that order was queued for 70+ days), I have just a minor job. All the way in the end he did not provide me another job and when I asked for CS, they delivered a flag to me instead of him. they did not look for clients faults but in the chat they only found my faults and said you delivered the order without completing it. How the heck am I supposed to do??
I do pleaded, but the person said, its not in our hand to remove the flag. I mean that’s bullshit to ask for help from CS.

It also sounds like something you should screenshot and send to CS to show that the Buyer is being uncooperative and you’ve in fact already done the agreed-upon work.

It sounds like you need to act earlier and much faster. When the Buyer starts showing red flags, send a professional neutral answer, then send screenshots to CS to let them know the Buyer is a) asking for something they didn’t order, b) threatening you (if they are), and c) being uncooperative. They will then be much more likely to help you once it goes really bad because they have proof from you before it goes too far and before the Buyers gets to them first.

@daved_jones yes he probably was impressed - so much so that the theft was going to be worth it.

Take the precautions I suggested in future

Your previous profile? I hope you had CS approval to create your current one …

This is the internet

Trust no one

If you get in a mess, accept the cancellation, tell the buyer they can use the information that you sent, wish them well - and get on with life.

Works for me.

The buyers are like UNANNOUNCED GIRLFRIENDS, if we keep sending and reminding something again and again, of course they will get upset and do something harsh. sometimes, I don’t even care for money from them, but my profile gets a negative, either by review or cancellation.