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Buyer deliberately keeping the order open

I have a buyer who ordered one of my gig that offered 1 revision. After delivering the order, the buyer requested revision and I happily made it. But again after two days, the buyer has come up with a revision request. And even with this second revision request, she is not telling what exactly should be done in the revision.

I sense, she actually wants to keep the order open and not let it get completed.

I have a few questions regarding this:

  1. If I offer 1 revision, how many times a buyer can order a revision. ( In my case, I have already done 1 revision, and the buyer has come up with a new revision request).
  2. What should be done in such cases, if buyers are deliberately preventing the order to get completed.

Any suggestions would really be helpful.
Thanks for your kind advice in advance.

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If you are the one who failed to do what was asked or what you promised to offer then the buyer can ask for as many changes as the want.

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Thanks for your reply. I just delivered what exactly she wanted. And she even acknowledged the delivery. Further, if she wants to make a revision request, she should be telling me her new requirements.

If you did your part then tell buyer that extra revisions will cost extra money.
I have one case where buyer request revision but didn’t mentioned what to do and after 13 days i end up cancelling that gig.


I think buyers do that when they are not sure if they have something more to revise. When they are sure everything is ok, they will finally tell you, ok, complete the order. No buyer understands how important it is for the seller to deliver on time.

Usually, in that case, I will just ask the buyer to extend the order.


Yes, I did my work in the very first delivery as per the gig offered. But she went for a revision and came with a totally different question. But I didn’t hesitated in going the extra mile. But still, she has a revision request and that too without any instructions. The order is running now and she is unresponsive to my msgs.
As I can see in her profile, she has a number of negative reviews as a buyer.

Thanks for your kind suggestions.
But, if a buyer has made a revision request, he/she should be providing with the instructions with the modification request. This buyer seems to just press the revision button and keep mum.

Another thing, I would like to know that if I offer only 1 revision in my gig, then how come a buyer go on requesting for multiple revisions.

After this order is completed, block her, so she can’t work with you again.

In this situation, and since you have already revised and don’t actually provide more than one revision, I’d redeliver the same thing, and politely explain that I have already delivered and revised as advertised, plus, using the revision button to gain more services than bought is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Now, please note: I can’t tell you to do this, because I’ve heard of cases when CS sided with the buyer and the seller was punished for doing this. I’d take a risk with an annoying buyer like that, but I can’t advise you to put your account at risk. :slight_smile:

Another thing I’d do is to report her to Trust & Safety team for ToS violation, plus with the screenshot of all the negative reviews she has, and ask them to investigate if she’s really such a bad buyer.


Thanks for your great suggestions.

This is for the first time, I am encountering such problems. And I really don’t know how to go ahead.

I was thinking of telling the client that I had done my part ( gig delivery + revision) and I won’t revise it further. But I think, Fiverr might find this rude and even the buyer might put a poor rating on my profile.

The other question boggling my mind is that even after completing my offered revision, how can a buyer get the option of getting the work further revised?

Shall I visit the resolution centre to report the buyer?
Or should I cancel the order?

Please help…

Buyers can always click on that button, no matter how many revisions you provide.

I’m guessing it’s because of all the things that might happen: delivery not going through as it should have (not your fault, but the buyer should be able to keep the order open if they haven’t received their delivery properly), sellers deliberately not sending everything as they should have in order to make the buyer use up all the revisions available (sounds odd, but it does happen with some)…

If you don’t keep revising as much as the buyer wants, it’s possible, yes.

I’d submit a ticket to Customer Support, Trust & Safety.

I’m not sure which one would harm your account more, cancellation (plus you won’t get paid) or a bad review (which you might not get, plus you get paid for your work, unless the buyer does a chargeback).

I told you what I’d do and answered your questions. I can’t make the buyer suddenly become reasonable.


Okay, thank you for the valuable suggestions.

As @catwriter point it out perfectly, as she always does! I like to add something as well. Next time check always a buyers profile, and if they have a bad reputation as a buyer, don’t take the offer. Most likely these are buyers who try to get the most out of you and therefore never satisfied!! These are extremely hard (to communicate with) kind of buyers. Their way is the only way and nothing else matters. If not satisfied, BOOM a negative review on your neck! I hope this helps! Best of luck to you. Kind regards, Humberto

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Thanks for your kind words.
Unfortunately we don’t have an accept order button, and we have to continue with the order even without knowing about the buyer credentials.
And obviously @catwriter suggestions are quite helpful.

Maybe you should add ‘‘Contact Me First Before Ordering’’ this way you have time to check this person out first before accepting the order. Good luck!!

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@maddy4work is the one who noticed it (you can see in my post that I have quoted him). I have no idea who his buyer is, nor would he be allowed to name that buyer. :slight_smile:

Buyers are not obliged to contact sellers first, no matter what they write in the gig description.


Thank you @catwriter for pointing this out for me. Another lesson learned :pray:


I have mentioned this in my gig description. But, it’s of little help.

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There are tons of buyers who do that. Once they get the work they want then ask for Unlimited revisions till sellers cancel the order. They just want the work for free and fiverr is a place which supports buyers more. Buyers like this is a threat to Fiverr. I have got 3 orders all where the same they take the work then Issue a cancellation. And ask for revisions till I cancel.
I have now stopped looking for buyers in Buyer requests most of the scam Buyers are there.