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Buyer deliberately not replying but online

Hello guys. I have an issue I would love some advice on. I have a 24-hour gig that I specifically advice not to order before contacting me if you do not have the requirement, which is hosting. The gig is for business email creation. This client ordered any way and only sent the login to the domain name server, they have no hosting. I tried to get around that as they mentioned that they have Gsuite. Mind you, I would need login to that too…none provided. They ordered the extra to have it linked to their Gmail account…no login to that either. Not even as much as the Gmail account name.

I saw this client login to Fiverr but would not reply to my messages or even acknowledge my request to add additional time since they did not provide the information needed. I later saw that this same client ordered the same gig from someone else and even left a review of what she wanted and that it is done.

My issue here now is I know this will affect my rates and I just Got back my level 1. Same thing with buyers not reading before they order. I even have videos on my gigs explaining. Very frustrating. Anyway, I want to know what to do in situations like these because it’s for sure I can’t complete it without the info she refuses to give me.

Thanks a lot. Seelya.

I think that if you have the login to the domain server you can actually create a business email account with it. Any way maybe the buyer simply has their internet on and fiverr running in the background

No it’s Godaddy, not free. They charge.

It depends on the formula you are using

I know I could use Zoho but remember this person is not responding at all, and they want it connected to Gmail. You know how that goes. Gmail will send code to their cellphone to confirm and all the works. Which, of course I would not receive.

Try mail forwarding.

No mail section in Godaddy except to purchase. Guess they really want the Thank you for trying to help me out though.

The option is under additional products in goddady

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It’s useless. She used the other person to create the info@ she requested so Zoho is refusing it. So can’t build another info@.

Thank for your help. Created the email but when I send a test to it, I get an error that the domain could not be found. Saw the free forward option too but again, i don’t know her gmail. Thanks again.